daily routine

Your daily routine leads your day! I am sharing what I do which benefits me to be stronger and active for work and managing routine life challenges.

I start my day with YOGA because its the best meditation source to reduce stress and anxiety. Further, it helps to increase heart rate in our bodies. I spend 15 to 20 minutes to exercise. This habit of mine increases the overall health of my mind. 

Don’t forget, Yoga controls anxiety so if you do it daily, Your mind will be sharpened and effective to deal with any situation.

My Daily Morning Meal:

People say, Eat well and be healthy. I always go with organic food and vegetables. One of my daily routine to start my day is to have fresh green vegetable juice. I usually go with the leafy green vegetable that includes, Cabbage, Spanish, etc. 

Because it helps to complete your body requirements such as Vitamins and calcium. It is my regular intake and I feel more energized when I drink homemade juice in the morning

Always Select Comfortable Clothes:

Comfortable clothes help me to be controlled and easy when doing office work. I usually work from home and it makes me confident and motivated all day. Because if you wear something which is not good for your body then probably you will feel irritated. So, I also recommend others, If you work from home. Try easy clothes and then test your day.

Be Kind and Humble:

Don’t be angry or frustrated if something comes up surprisingly. Always be humble and kind whenever you talk to others. If you feel someone is not treating you bad then move on. Don’t let others bring any negative impact on your mind.

Lastly, Always thankful for what you have, this leads your life beautiful and courageous.