I will share my story because it has REALLY helped my husband and me!
After we both crossed the 50th birthday mark, our sleep patterns changed. We went to bed and of course ALL the possible thoughts came knocking. We were both restless, tossed and turned to no avail.
10 months ago, we decided to change our entire bedroom.
We had read about this a dozen times, but always said mehh ok the new hype.
How wrong we were!

So here’s what we did:

  1. We sold our California King bed and bought two extra long twins and stuck them together. First HUGE relief, each of us can toss and turn without disturbing the other. 
  2. We emptied our bedroom and created a Zen environment. Beds, nightstands, and one chest of drawers is all that’s left in the bedroom.
  3. We got rid of every iPad, phone, even our electric alarm clock. We bought a silent battery operated simple alarm clock for $11 dollars and that’s the only “device” we allowed in the bedroom.

                       We bought a pair of dark blue curtains that darken the bedroom.

The first night, we didn’t think that much had changed…. low and behold we woke up the next morning relaxed, refreshed and thought: WOW we did sleep.
Second night, same results.
We have never looked back.

Try this and you will see a big difference. All those articles are right! Any electronic device including television, laptops, cell phones, iPads etc, do emit frequencies just by being connected to your home’s WiFi.
I had to share this because we have so many friends who really can’t sleep and tell us that we are exaggerating by changing our bedroom like we did.

Good luck and here’s to a full night’s sleep for everyone 



  • Mariella Stockmal

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