The funny thing about life it has a strange way of showing us warning signs.

I’ve been in various situations from almost having my car completely totaled.  Within milliseconds of avoiding death reacting to a split minute decision. My 1st real encounter with this invisible life coach was at 17. I drove the same route to school twice a day for the past 12 months. However, this day was different. I’m driving and suddenly all the hairs on my arms stand up and my body starts to panic like I’ve been kicked in the stomach my breath starts leaving me. An internal alert rushed through my brain and instantly I turn right which is the opposite of my normal route to school. My life flashed before me!! A car going 70mph literally smashed into another car which would have been me if I didn’t turn right completely totaling the car.  What I couldn’t wrap my head around later that night as I laid in bed. Was who or what whispered in my ear and told me to turn right? As you would imagine that event shifted my perspective of life.

Listening to Intuition.

I became more self-aware and started listening to my inner voice aka my invisible life coach. Little did I know at the time. I was saving myself years of pain and suffering by staying in tune with my intuition, inner voice, invisible life coach, or whatever you want to call it. My life begins to flourish. This went on for years until I second-guessed myself and took the wrong job.

Moe Money Moe Problems!

I sold myself out is exactly what I did. Let me elaborate, I was interviewing and after speaking to a recruiter about this particular position. I hung up the phone and my invisible life coach spoke to me and was promoting me.  I felt bad vibes about going in for a face interview. I didn’t listen and went to the interview. Long story short the hiring manager was a narcissist, A-type personality with extreme anxiety. Plus in the middle of a nasty divorce. 

The Face To Face Interview.

I was picking up on the bad vibes that this lady was crazy. I guess she knew, I was about to cut the interview short and leave. The conversation instantly switched and she said: “whatever your last salary was I can 3x it and give you an offer letter today”. Like a fool, I abandoned my inner warnings. I signed the offer letter, submitted my documents to HR and a week later started my job from hell. I’m not a movie buff but the way this actually occurred felt like a scene in a movie. My new manager immediately started treating me like her BFF. Telling me every detail of her life, who she hooked up with, about her kid’s complete family history. All of this on the first day of work. 

Yes, I felt uncomfortable! Like man this lady is crazy. As an Outside Sales Territory Manager, I was not required to work in the office. But my manager wanted me to work closely with her and attend 6 am morning meetings which were super strange! Instead of talking about work she talked to me about her life and all her problems. I mean soul-draining, Debbie downer, energy vampire to the fullest extent type of conversations. Fast forward, since she was going through a nasty divorce she completely stopped working and made up excuses to dumped all her work on me. I was overworked 6 am-7 pm, stressed out, and she would call me on the weekends to ask me to hang out with her!!

My happiness took a turn for the worst when she stabbed me in the back and tried to sabotage me. I landed the largest deal in the SouthEast region. Which resulted in her becoming extremely jealous! Our corporate office was excited and I was requested to teach a sales training class. My manager would not approve my expenses and blocked my corporate card so I could not attend. You guessed it, I reported her crazy behavior to HR and quit! Looking back at the situation I can definitely say this!! Peace of mind and happiness are more important than a job title and an increase in salary. You should not have to sacrifice your mental well being for any company. In my opinion, true wealth is manifested in being happy in your current state of mind. You must safeguard your happiness at all costs. Certain diseases are created by negative energy and stress is detrimental to our health.

Energy is real.

The emotional transfer of our life force is depleted when we engage with crazy people at work or any situation that steals your joy. So you must set boundaries and listen to your invisible life coach. I wished I would have listened but instead, I re-learned what I already knew at 17. If this voice saved my life then it would save me again. A few months later, I landed a better opportunity working with people I loved and my happiness returned 10x!