Life is a journey and the last decade has taught me the importance of self-discovery. Looking back I’m astonished by all the decisions I made without truly knowing myself. 

Understanding the Power of the subconscious mind has made the biggest impact in every area of my life. The mind-brain connection has revolutionized my identity completely transforming me into the person I always wanted to be. Which is the authentic me! 

This is a huge accomplishment as we all have a unique purpose and destiny. Unfortunately, due to social conditioning, a lot of people are stuck being a person they don’t like. Disconnected from who they really are,  don’t know their life purpose, and wear social masks to hide the misery of empty living. 

According to Socrates “an unexamined life is not worth living”. Better said once you discover how much potential lies dormant within you. Once you’re able to partake in these talents and abilities life becomes a joy. 

There is no quick fix to self-discovery, but standing back watching yourself and taking time to analyze your behaviors, mindset, mental patterns being open-minded to doing the work of reprogramming your subconscious mind is life-changing. 

Essentially, whatever thoughts we plant in our minds, water and nature will grow abundantly. This principle applies to everyone. Learning how the mind, brain, and soul directly affects our subconscious mind, in my opinion, is extremely important.

I was able to awaken my inner giant, unlocked hidden dimensions of my mind. Releasing my untapped potential and living my dream life according to my destiny! Nothing like loving who we are, having inner peace, happiness, health, and abundance.