More recently I have come to the realization that the impact of plastic on our environment can have a damaging effect. It goes without saying that one of the main issues affecting our environment is from plastic. I personally believe that there are lack-lustre efforts being made across our planet and more in particular poorer countries, to provide solutions to the plastic issues we face. 

What Inspired Me

Nevertheless, whilst researching the issues of plastic in Indonesia I was enlightened by an article I read. The article focused on a foundation that has been making increasing efforts to make a difference to the plastic issue that faces the environment. Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation has been making proficient progress with attempts to educate locals on the effects of plastic pollution, clean up harmful plastic that is in the area, and provide solutions to the disposal of plastic. 

Reading the article has inspired me and opened my eyes to something that I hadn’t realized was possible. For many years I didn’t believe that a single individual or even a “foundation” could make a difference in the worlds plastic problem, but after discovering Invest Islands Foundation, I have a completely different outlook on the matter. 

Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation supports the local community in Lombok, Indonesia
Image Credit: Invest Islands Foundation

A New Outlook 

I am now under the realization that it only takes one person in the world to make a difference. Whether that’s me, you, or the leader of a foundation. If one person has a vision and commits to that vision then they really can achieve anything they want to. There are many other like-minded people in the world that want to make a difference, so once a single person takes that step in the right direction, others will follow suit. It only takes that initial step to encourage others. 

It was interesting and compelling to see what this foundation was achieving and their realistic targets and goals already hit have encouraged me as an individual. It is also a great starting point to spur on worldwide initiatives to save beautiful locations and prevent environmental damage. I have personally witnessed the devastation that plastic can cause to the earths’ most treasured locations and it a breath of fresh air to see results starting to form. What is most impressive is the actions that are being taken in the present and the future, rather than just focusing on the one. 

Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation supports the local community in Lombok, Indonesia 03
Image Credit: Invest Islands Foundation

A Positive Cause with a Positive Impact

Personally, I have acted upon this and engaged in volunteer groups in order to help achieve the reduction of plastic pollution in local areas. It has also encouraged me to see the importance of educating others in the matter, in terms of health, sustainability, prevention, and the economy. There are so many beneficial factors that can come with these initiatives and it seems as though not everyone is under the realization of these factors. This is where education comes into play. To share my story and discuss important issues with the rest of the world is just the start of educating and if that information is passed on through others, even just impacting one person to make a change, then that makes it a successful venture.

What has impressed me the most is the plan to reduce the usage of plastic in the local area of Lombok by beginning to eliminate the use of plastic straws with a target to eliminate them completely in the future. This incentive requires a simple implementation from local businesses with minimal effort and maximum benefits. I am astonished that this hasn’t been a worldwide incentive as of yet which is why it has impressed me.

Whilst I am certain there is still a great deal of work to be done in the efforts to clean the environment and fully engage in the effective reduction of plastic pollution, I am reassured of the more recent efforts by various foundations, in particular, Invest Islands Foundation. I am now led to believe that with the correct education and current efforts in progress, the plastic issue in Lombok, Indonesia, and even the world can start to be addressed and in time be rectified. This will create a pleasant environment for everyone and reduce harm to our environment. 

Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation supports the local community in Lombok, Indonesia
Image Credit: Invest Islands Foundation