Several years ago, my career was on track, but my personal life was out of control. In fact, I had no life. I didn’t make time for friends, family, or vacations. I lived to work, so work became my life. Sound familiar?

Tragedy prompted change

Then one day, I experienced a personal tragedy that inspired me to change the trajectory of my life drastically. As I began healing from this particular tragedy, I committed to improving my life and shift my focus so that my life would be more fulfilling and would better represent my dreams and values.

Connecting to my vision for my life

My first action was to create a vision board (aka a dream board). I use vision boards (how to create a vision board) much like an artist uses canvas. It’s where I paint the scenes that will eventually become my life. I use them to help me work through the details of my vision. In other words, I dream it, then I plan it, then I do it

Throughout the years, vision boards have helped me plan for success, keep my focus and achieve my goals. I describe my process and life strategy in the video below.

Dream, Plan, Do It. What happens when you set goals, write a plan,
and fearlessly pursue your dreams?

Living a more fulfilled life

Today, my life more fully reflects the vision I created. I am satisfied and happy. I have a thriving business that does not control my life. I enjoy my work, but it does not own me. I make frequent trips to various exotic locations for both business and pleasure.

I eat better, more nutritious foods. I work out more often. I laugh more. I play more. And I always make time for my relationships. I’ve found that in most ways, I have brought my dream board to life. I am living my dream board and am now living the life of my dreams. And I do so by living my life in ways that always challenge me.

Living my life in ways that challenge and fulfill me.

How about you?

Do you have a clear vision for your life? Are there changes you can make to create the personal experiences you want? Are you willing to take the necessary actions for change? Share your thoughts in the comments or send me a private message.

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