No one else will notice if you go missing. You are the only one who can save you. Here is how.

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

“A wave of emotions swamped me in the fashion of a furious tempest. My whole being drowned in sorrow. It was the sadness that you feel when you realise that you have been missing from your life” — The Nameless

If you go missing from your life no one will notice. Possibly not even you.
It’s incredibly easy to go missing from your life. You know you are missing when you are not happy or when you are indifferent about your hapiness and about fulfilling your life’s purpose.

How to avoid going missing and missing out.

Appreciate Everything

Oprah Winfrey says: “keep an appreciation journal, every night write down five things you are grateful for.” Doing this brings instant joy. The vibration of joy brings more things to be joyful for.

There are many ways one can go missing from their life, but the most effective way is to stop appreciating and start complaining. When we stop enjoying everything that we have and everyone who loves us — the people in our lives who help us and keep us company in our journey and all the love that we have we can easily slip away from living a fulfilling life.

There is so much to appreciate. 
I appreciate the sunshine, which is free and requires no effort in my part to get it. If I had to pay for it or work for it, how would I manage? How would I cover the cost of sunshine? What would be the price?
I appreciate the sea waves touching my feet at the seashore. The trees which provide me and my family with shadow and oxygen, requiring no work from us whatsoever. I appreciate flowers, they are an infinity of colour and essence. It pleases me to think that there is absolutely nothing I can do to compensate for the abundance that is inherently mine. No amount of work, or effort or money can pay for the wellness that is accessible to me, and all of us.

Self- Love

Another very effective way to go missing from your life is not showing love to yourself. When you don’t care to be kind to yourself. Not letting yourself enjoy life as it pleases you. Life is supposed to be fun, all the time. Not just a bit of fun here and there sometimes. When you are living the highest expression of who you are; when you are fulfilling your purpose. When you are getting closer and closer to being the person who you are created to be, you are always having fun. You love your life. You love what you do.

“I used to be afraid of it, but now I find it a compliment when someone says that I’m full of myself”
Oprah Winfrey

We need to be full of ourselves. I realise that we need to be more consciously rooted within our soul. More trusting of who we are; divine and eternal spirits, pure light and wisdom. Source creation. We need to have invincible faith in what we stand for. We need to be untouchably confident about our purpose. We need to be unbeatably forceful in our mission. The central part of the mission is Joy.

Do whatever makes you happy. Indulge in relaxing ‘do nothing’ days and in 
long baths while soaking in healing salts. Long aimless walks in your favourite paths smelling the flowers.

Wellness, prosperity and abundance are immensely more than the lack of those things in our world. As Abraham Hicks says, “one would think that we need to work very hard to see negativity.” But on the contrary, we see the negative first and more. This is how we have been educated. Together with the false values of our world. Such values as believing that we are worth as much as whatever figure our bank statement tells us we are worth. The belief that we need to suffer to get anywhere in life. The belief that very few people will love us for who we are. The belief that we are allowed to be happy only when and if we deserve it. Those beliefs are perfect pathways towards going missing from your life.

Living in the present

As humans, we are preconditioned to constantly worry about the future while living in the past.
One way people live in the past without realising it is by basing everything they do and everything they believe in on the past. Many times is not even their own past, but their parents past. A parent will instruct a child based on their experience and more often than not a parent will teach a child, consciously or unconsciously, to expect from life exactly the same things that happened to them in their past. Then you have these “new people” living according to their parents’ pasts, who also lived according to their parents past and so on for generations. Are you living according to your ancestors’ pasts? 
Another way to live in the past is by letting past failures and past hurts dictate who you are today. That’s a very common way of going missing from your life.

Living in the future can seem appealing. After all, you are merely waiting for things to finally be better so that you can enjoy life. You get up every morning hopeful, thinking that better days will come. You imagine how happy you will be in the future when you have everything you want and you don’t care much about not being happy now. The trouble with that is it will always be now. The only path to that happy future is to be happy now. For as long as you don’t live here and now you will be missing from your life.

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