light language with sacred geometry

I’ve always considered myself to be an artist.  Even in the years where I created no more than a few doodles on the edges of pages, I knew deep down that I am an artist. I felt something when I was painting or drawing or creating that I didn’t feel anywhere else.

I was lead away from art because it wasn’t a “realistic” career path.  Being an artist is hard, and you need to have a steady stream of income if you are going to have the luxury of creating art. Those were the limiting beliefs I held as I was growing up.  There were moments where I claimed I didn’t care if I lived under a bridge and painted portraits, art was my heart. But in the end, society won out and I followed the path laid out for me. I went to college, got a job, and ignored art for a number of years. 

Pen and Ink Drawing from 2018

Coming Back to Art

Last fall, my partner got an iPad and an apple pen. I thought it was pretty silly at first, a waste of money, but I played around with it and started to really enjoy creating art again. I can pick it up at any time, and when I put it down, there is no mess to clean up, no paints to put away or brushes to wash or wet pages to dry. For a few weeks, I watched youtube videos about how to do different techniques and I started drawing things for my Instagram and Medium articles.  I didn’t know that I was preparing for what was to come.

Artistic abstract instagram post stating, 'No Illness Can Hold Me Back From My Dreams' created on the iPad

Igniting the Flame

During this time I was also into lots of self-help, personal development type learning. I took a Master Class from Regan Hilyer.  During one part of her meditation exercise, she spoke a language that sounded so familiar to me but I couldn’t place it.  I couldn’t let go of it. I kept googling things until I came up with the information that she was using light language. Light language is not a language in the way that we think of it, there is no literal translation for the words being spoken, but they are frequencies that communicate with the older parts of our souls or higher selves.  I thought it was interesting and strange, but I subscribed to some Youtube channels of people who were channelling this light language.  

Time went on and I’m not sure if it was weeks or months later, symbols began coming to me when I was doodling. I would fill a page with strange symbols and just look at it like, what is happening here? I showed it to a friend or two but no one knew what to make of it.  Soon I learned that light language can also be written. 

handwritten light language on a small post it note
Handwritten Light Language on a small paper

Once again I spent some time diving deep into this spiritual world, listening to light language speakers and even watching activation videos, hoping to activate something inside of me that would allow me to speak it. 

Extinguishing My Own Fire

But I was still afraid. I was afraid of what people would think if I spoke this strange language. I was afraid of what was guiding me toward this. Was it my ego? Did I want to become some guru? Or was I really being guided toward my true purpose in life? 

It was confusing and for a while, I shut it out again.  I began taking a course that teaches you to “upgrade your energy self” or use the energy side of your body to function better in the world.  The course is called Duality and it is taught by Jefferey Allen.  I found the course through Mindvalley, the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. I’ve been a fan of Mindvalley for a long time because they are passionate about creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for the planet. I was sure I could learn something from this course since I always benefit from their free masterclasses.  My goal was to get more aligned with my intuition, but what happened was so much more than that. 

The Duality Course

The course was phenomenal.  First I learned how to ground myself.  The more grounded I became, the more comfortable I felt in my body.  They may sound strange, but what I realized was that every day, I was spending a lot of time out of my body, disconnecting from it and trying to fix my life externally. 

Next, I learned about adjusting my own energy to feel more empowered. These lessons were about energetically placing my aura where I want it, centering myself inside it, and having seniority over what I allow in and out of my energetic space.  

By the time we got to the lessons on intuition, the light language was coming back.  I was doodling it more and more, and I was whispering it to myself when I was alone. I was afraid to let it come out with my voice, but I entertained the doodles.  I pulled out the iPad and began not just drawing the symbols, but creating artwork that I find beautiful, and energetically charged in such an amazing way. 

Light language art with sacred geometry - You may be able to feel the vibration of this image.
Channeled Light Language Art

Resisting the Path

Part of me was so resistant to what was happening, and when I got to the last lessons in Duality, I found more resistance.  The instructor was leading us through a meditation to meet our spirit guides, and I just wasn’t allowing myself to go there. I was feeling pulled in two directions, one to continue to fit into my family in the 3-D world that my body is so attached to. The other pull was different than anything I’ve felt pulling me before. I was asking to be guided but resisting the guidance.  During this time, the global pandemic started and I became more wrapped up in the physical world than I would like to admit. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the course. But I accepted that I was resistant and gave myself space and time.

I had to relocate from Asia to the US. Once I settled down in my new environment, I started the course over again. I listened to some of the lectures, but focused on doing the energy practices. They are like meditations that take you through different processes that can assist you in managing your energetic body.  When I got to the end, this time I was ready.  I went on the journey and I met my spirit guide.  She is beautiful, and nothing like what I expected to find.  Now I can ask her for guidance and trust that she will lead me back to myself and my purpose.  Once I met her, the pull I felt became more clear. I was being pulled upward and called to open myself to something cosmic coming in from above and when I did, light language poured out of me.

Speaking Light Language

I began by whispering it into my microphone to record it. I wanted to have some proof for myself that it was real in case it stopped. I felt pushed to create a YouTube channel even though I’ve never posted a video in my life.

I draw it any time my hands are near a pen.  I felt called to create specific drawings for people, so I started asking them permission.  “May I tap into your energy to create a light language drawing that is personalized for you?”  Everyone I asked said yes.  I posted it on a Facebook group and got ten volunteers in an hour.  The universe was guiding me.  I created all of those pieces of light language art in less than 24 hours and shared them with their recipients.  

Personalized Light Language Drawing- You may be able to feel the vibration of the image even with your eyes closed.
Personalized Light Language Art Created for a Friend

For some of them, I got no response and I was fine with that. This wasn’t coming from my ego, I didn’t need any feedback and I didn’t need any type of assurance that I was doing a good job.  I was sure of it as the energy flowed through me. I knew I was providing exactly what was needed at that moment and my responsibility ended there.  There was nothing more that I was required to do besides be me.  It was so liberating. 

It’s strange how my beliefs and my what I see as my abilities shifted throughout a simple course. I know all of it was there before I started, I just needed to be guided inside to find it.   I feel like I ascended to a higher level of consciousness and have a completely different perspective on who I am and who I aspire to be.  

Now I am creating personalized pieces of light language art.  The light codes that flow from my pen are energetically charged, and emit a frequency that can often be physically felt in the body.  I know this is something that I am meant to be doing.  I am sure the more I do it, the more I will be guided toward different parts of my purpose. When I’m creating with light language, there is no thought or mental confusion, it flows so intuitively.

The Course is Not Over

I never expected an online course to alter the course of my life so dramatically. But this is not the end of my journey. I am an artist, and I’m excited to see how that evolves I am so grateful for Mindvalley, Jeffrey Allen, and the Duality course. I will continue to do the Duality practices and see how they change as my consciousness expands.

If you have taken a course that changed your life, I would love to hear about it! Share your story below or contact me on social media so we can connect!