Every person in this world has both sadness and happiness residing inside them. There is a huge difference of sharing those joy and pain to others. Because we are attracted more towards positive when compared to negativity and it’s a human nature. The main reason for suppressing our emotions is due to high fear and low courage. It’s not only about the introverts who hide their feelings, there others as well who sometimes never speak out about their pain to others.

In this article, I am going to share about my experience on how opening up have created a positive impact in my life.

Right from my childhood, I never used to share my emotions outside due to introversion. Either it may be a joy or pain, I always kept them inside as I feel embarrassed when letting them out because of the thought that no one can understand them better them me. That’s the reason I started to write so that some way or another, those bottled emotions can be poured out. I am glad that through the same writing which always helped me to heal, has now given an opportunity to understand about the reality of opening up.

I have never told anyone apart from my parents and siblings about my writings. I have shared them online but was scared to tell them to my family members and relations because of a fear of criticism.

A day back, I was on a call with one my friend whom I was very close from my childhood days. In our conversion, we came across a topic about the criticism, and she told that getting criticized is not wrong. In fact, we should use it as a ladder to raise and show people that we have the capability to do things that they criticized about.  

Something hit me hard because what she said about criticism was cent percent true. I told her that I have published few articles online and also gave the link to read them. I was indulged in work and totally forgot about it until she pinged me back after a couple of hours with an appreciation message. And that night has changed my way of thinking completely.

So slowly we both started to speak out and our conversations went deeper. It was mainly focused about how having faith in Almighty can solve our problems and how we feel when suffering from depression. It was strange that we always had a causal conversation but what happened tonight was a matured one. Each positive word that she uttered, healed me bit by bit, and I am very glad that finally there is someone, who understood and enjoyed my writings. I found that the wave length of our thoughts was almost same as we had gone through same things in our life, but in different ways. We have decided to share our thoughts often as it has made us feel lighter.

There is a beautiful saying that everyone knows. That is, “Words are mightier than sword”. I always believe it every time not just because I love writing, it’s a general thing, and we can’t deny that positive words with compassion indeed soothes bruises and pain. So never every feel shy to open up, try to be courageous enough to speak out the things from your heart to someone close to you. It not only benefits us, but at the same time it will also give a hope and clarity to them that they are not suffering alone.