Employees are the lifeblood of any organization and thus its most valuable assets. More businesses across the world are beginning to recognize and acknowledge this reality. Studies have shown that people who are personally, socially, and mentally satisfied in their lives are more productive in the workplace. The overall health and happiness of an employee in the workplace translate to good, highly productive energy for the benefit of the organization they work for. This has prompted organizations to ensure that their employees are holistically happy and healthy to improve work output.

In a bid to ensure that they are doing well and functioning at their professional best, organizations around the world today are establishing employee wellbeing programs as part of their responsibility to staff. Some of these programs include activities that are considered very necessary to improve the state of mind quality of the work-life of an employee.

Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Counseling in The Workplace.

More and more organizations are conducting seminars and training for employees on the matter of mental health awareness. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high today. Whether it is triggered by professional or personal issues, it all comes down to the ability of the person to be a productive and valuable member of the organization. Through proper training and counseling, employees have an avenue to vent their pain and frustrations and get the professional help they need to handle their stressors.

Recognition And Commendation of Hard Work.

It is a well-known fact that most employees feel their efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated by their superiors. This could put a real damper on the motivation of even the most competent and hardworking staff in an organization. Employers need to be more proactive in recognizing, acknowledging, and commending staff for outstanding performance in the workplace. This in turn will encourage them and others to do their best.

Instituting Game Days.

A major way to get employees in an organization to bond with each other is to create activities that cause them to spend time together doing fun stuff. Gameday is a good example of such an activity. Here, staff engages in competitions where prizes such as certain office privileges or even all-expense-paid vacations are given out to winners. It could be inter or intra departmental/unit competitions. It could simply be between work colleagues. Board games are always a winner. Yet another option is online casino games on sites like Novibet Casino. These high-stake games take the edge off actual work and help relieve stress.

Setting Up Flexible Work Hours.

The workplace today has evolved and people do not need to spend 8hrs at work to do their jobs. Most organizations are understanding that flexible working hours make for more productive employees as they get to do their jobs before going off to handle other important matters of a more personal nature. This promotes a healthy work and life balance and makes for a happy employee and satisfied employer.


The overall well-being of an employee is a huge determinant of how productive they will be in the workplace. It is wise that organizations are beginning to assume some responsibility for making it better.