Our birthday’s are a lovely celebration from friends and family making well wishes for our special day and the upcoming year. However, after having one of my more challenging years, I’ve made this birthday a little more reflective with a sprinkle of personal growth.

The three things that stand out for me are:

1.) Being comfortable with uncertainty. One year ago today, I remember being at a very cute coffee shop on Granville street in Vancouver, and I did not know that I would be moving across the country come the following summer. I also didn’t know I would have a close friend deal with a severe illness that at one point, her immediate friends and family didn’t know if she would survive. I had to learn an incredible about of patience, to trust that things would work themselves out and being pushed out of my comfort zone was actually going to strengthen my ability to cope with challenges.

2.) The value of true friendship . One of the hardest things I had to accept was letting go of seeing close friends I would typically see on a weekly basis. From my mama friends to workout buddies and my old colleagues – this network was my community and I realize now that when you move, the beauty of deep friendships doesn’t end. Today, in a sweet way, I can now say I have birthday wishes from Australia, the UK, and all over Canada. I have also made some beautiful new friends along this new journey. True friendship runs deep and I am grateful to those I get to call my friends.

3.) Keep doing more that brings you joy. We all strive for happiness and the reality is, is that there are highs and lows and we can’t get around this, nor can we predict unexpected turns that seem to make our lives flip upside down. What we can do, is really gravitate towards what brings us positive energy and builds us up. If it’s building a community with shared values, starting a side hustle, or creating a book club every Sunday with new and old girlfriends – don’t hesitate! Your joy will bring others joy.

On that note – tonight’s plan is to eat sushi, spend time with my little ones and maybe open a gift or two! 😉

I am very grateful and it has been a Happy birthday.