“I believe it isn’t Beauty if there is harm involved – in the supply chain, for a practitioner, or towards yourself,” shares Chase Polan of KYPRIS Beauty. Polan, whose holistic, high-performance skincare brand is centered on the notion that self-care is a ritual of love and can dramatically benefit our well-being, ensures that her products reflect this commitment to true beauty. She’s a pioneer in the industry, and, with her brand, is working to ensure modern personal care products support complete well-being. I had the pleasure of speaking with Polan about her thoughts on how the beauty industry is shifting its focus toward inner well-being.

An Emphasis on Feeling Good Internally 

“Feeling beautiful, that lit-from-within incandescent pleasure, changes how each of us feels in our skin and frees us to be more present, emboldened participants in our lives,” shares Polan. Now, more than ever, Polan believes women must feel cared for and invigorated, and personal care plays an instrumental role in this. “Science shows that our bodies are a reflection of our subconscious,” Polan explains, so modern beauty brands will begin to emphasize products that focus on promoting positive body image, self-confidence, and overall health and happiness. This is truly empowering women to look good, feel good, and thrive in the world. 

The Use of Natural Ingredients 

When Polan established her company nine years ago, she was shocked by the gaping white space in the personal care industry. “Science-backed skincare lines were full of questionable ingredients while natural skincare was, for the most part, very ‘craft’ and seemed like it might have been made in someone’s kitchen,” she reveals. Her goal with KYPRIS was to create an experience that fused the efficacy of a science-driven approach with organic, natural ingredients from nature. Since then, brands have started to follow suit, and the beauty industry will now be seeing an emphasis on products that avoid pesticides and toxins at every step of the creation process in order to support inner well-being. 

Transparency from Beauty Brands 

“Consumers simply deserve to know what they are purchasing,” states Polan. Just as individuals are becoming more conscientious about how food ends up on their plates, they’re becoming more aware of the ingredients in and the production practices behind their personal care products. “It is important to go beyond organic and look at how ingredients are sourced and a number of other factors,” Polan says, and customers are truly starting to understand this and demand total transparency from brands. KYPRIS, for example, sources from biodynamic farms, wildcrafting groups, UN Global Compact projects, family-owned farms, and co-op operations, and the brand ensures that customers are aware of this commitment to social and ecological sustainability. Other companies now recognize that they must illuminate what happens behind-the-scenes, and this is a trend that will likely take shape in 2020.