Outsourcing brings in new ideas and perspectives to your business and it helps get you international but the most beautiful thing you get from outsourcing is the personal gift of freedom. You get breathing space so that you can seek wellness.

Here is how else outsourcing will improve your wellbeing.

You get more time on your hands to do the things you love

Most of the time we miss out on doing the things we love, the things that keep us healthy and happy because we are busy beating endless work deadlines.

If only we could wake up and meditate, exercise and enjoy the healthy breakfast that our fitness coaches tell us to eat. If only we could find more time to travel, play with our kids and read the books we love, eat out with friends and family, get a massage, grab a roast rich coffee and just do these things that keep our hearts warm and bring a consistent smile to our face, we would surely be in the best state of mind with a healthy body to compliment it.

I know you have been nodding along as I listed these amazing things that are most likely on your list of fun-filled activities but wondered how on earth you could ever find the time to do these things unless you make 60 or 70 and retire, but there is a way you can balance and enjoy life without even losing a penny from your pay check. That way you already know but hadn’t deeply thought of how you could use it to the best of your advantage. That way out is to OUTSOURCE.

Well-being at work is when you see that things are moving

In his book, “The Happiness Advantage” Author Shawn Anchor researched and found that happiness brings greater levels of profits for companies that take the right steps. Outsourcing enables profits to come in and is one of the best business steps to make.

Imagine, you go to bed and wake up in the morning to an excellently completed assignment. Your clients are satisfied, your employees are not overstuffed with workloads and your profits flow in like a stream.

When you outsource, you get people who live in a time zone that is not yours. Even if you don’t get such people, you will most definitely get a company that operates in your hometown but offers 24/7 services.

Outsourcing costs less so that you can save more and use the money and time to enjoy

The only time that outsourcing becomes a pain is when you hire the wrong team. You must be careful. There are freelancer firms out there that are highly experienced and will deliver quality work for you. From optimizing your site to managing your social media to writing your reports, virtual assistants are all over the place and you should never stress yourself if you can afford to hire one. You should be able to afford because outsourcing is cheaper than paying a staff member anyway.

I know for a while, I have been talking directly to people that own or manage businesses but outsourcing can well do for employees as well. Let’s say your boss needs you to write a blog post or proposal for your firm’s upcoming project. The proposal could take you 2 days to complete and on one of the days, you have a fitness session scheduled. Outsourcing comes in handy! You can post a job ad on one of the best freelancer sites such as people per hour or Up work and you will get a professional writer for a few bucks to write you an amazing proposal in a day so that you can go to your session. There are a lot of people who have laid down their day job tools to work from home and that’s why the web is reliable to outsource from.

Qn: What has been holding you back from outsourcing?


  • Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi is a freelance content creation specialist and Journalist based in the Netherlands. Esther writes about Business, fitness, travel, and gathers news stories for large media outlets around the World. She has been doing this for the past 11 years and enjoys every bit of it. Esther mothers three adorable girls and one brilliant boy. When she's not writing, she loves to relax by the beach with her family. You can find her on Facebook and read more of her writings on Huffington Post, the Guardian and the niles.org