Pablo Valero

Pablo Valero is the founder of Valero Media, an innovative social media marketing agency that has helped dozens of businesses in building their brand’s presence on social media. By constantly skirting the line between activity and burnout, Pablo has built an effective ritual for dominating his day by avoiding these severely limiting factors.

In this article, we’ll cover Pablo’s most helpful tips for avoiding stress and burnout and for dominating every day.

Avoiding Stress and Burnout

Stress is helpful in our working lives to an extent. But, too much of it can lead to high blood pressure and other illnesses. Burnout is another common end result of too much stress and hard work.

While we put lots of focus on the grind and working hard, we need to pay more attention to rest and relaxation. Without them, we’ll work ourselves into an early grave.

Pablo’s best advice for avoiding stress and burnout is to mentally and physically stimulate yourself. Exercise is incredible for releasing stress and is surprisingly relaxing.

“When you exercise, endorphins are released in your body reducing anxiety, depression, and your perception of pain. This triggers a positive feeling and gives you an enormous sense of well-being.” – Pablo.

But, he also recommends balancing this against meditation. Done properly with the right level of control, meditation makes you more aware and more motivated.

Pablo meditates several times a week to improve his focus and performance in work. A session of 15-20 minutes is often enough once you have the technique down and it becomes much easier the more you practice.

How to Find Motivation to Dominate Your Day

Start your day as you mean to go on. For Pablo, this means spending the first few hours of every day calming and motivating himself. It’s a great time to squeeze in some meditation or to review your schedule for the coming day and week.

Pablo also places great importance on the few hours before bed. This isn’t time to stimulate yourself. Rather, get away from your devices and read a book. If you want to cram in some extra development, choose books related to personal growth.

During this development time, review the goals you’ve set for yourself. Pablo sets daily, monthly, and yearly goals that he checks regularly. He recommends you always set manageable daily goals (among others) to ensure you always achieve something, even on days when you don’t feel motivated.

“I always have my long-term goals in mind as a way to stay motivated on my short-term goals.” – Pablo.

Your longer-term goals can be anything you want – personal or professional. He recommends making them realistic but somewhat out of your perceived reach. This way, you’ve got something to work towards that will actually require personal growth.

For example, if you’re aiming towards a promotion in work, look for the required skills you currently don’t have. To achieve it, you’ll need to build your skillset and grow as a person.

A Word of Advice

The easiest way to avoid stress is to be proactive in your approach. This is why Pablo puts great emphasis on meditation and time away from work. The more attention you give yourself, the less stressed you’ll feel.

This technique ensures that he’s on the right track. This is how he plans to grow and succeed in the coming years. He also plans to expand his social media agency’s goals to new heights within the next two years, as well as a real estate company within a couple of years afterwards.

Here’s a word of wisdom from Pablo for anyone just starting their journey in life;

“Try as many things as you can, and once you find something that you like, become a master at it. If you are a person of value, people will come to you.”