There are many advantages to having a pet, including a handful of physical and mental health benefits. This is always beneficial, but particularly during the Coronavirus outbreak which is negatively affecting many people’s wellbeing which is why having a pet during this time can be so helpful.

So, what are the health benefits of having a pet?

Easing Stress & Anxiety

Research shows that owning a pet can have a big impacting on easing stress and anxiety, particularly when stroking or playing with the animal. Not only this, but pets give people a responsibility and purpose which helps many people that are depressed or suffering from mental health as they need to provide and look after their pet each day.

Combating Loneliness

Another major advantage of having a pet is combating loneliness, especially for those that are living by themselves. Pets are great companions, especially dogs which are known as “man’s best friend” so if you are feeling alone then they can be great company and even provide a sense of security. This is particularly helpful with the current situation where people are not able to spend time with loved ones that are not in their household, so they can be a smart way to keep your spirits high during these difficult times.


Dogs are also helpful in terms of ensuring that you get out of the house every day and a daily walk is an excellent form of exercise that can improve both physical and mental health. Not only this, but dog walking can also be a social tool as you are likely to encounter fellow dog walkers and strike up conversations – again, this is helpful with the current situation (but you must make sure that you respect social distancing at all times). 

Helping During Times of Difficulty

With people worried about their own health and the health of loved ones, employment, their finances, social life and many other things during Covid-19, it is of great help to have a pet by your side that can provide comfort. Of course, most people are working from home right now which means that they can spend more time with a pet, but you might actually find that this is distracting which is why fashion company Radley has put together a helpful guide for working from home with a pet with the help of their partner Dogs Trust.

There are many mental and physical health benefits to owning a pet, particularly right now with the Coronavirus outbreak negatively impacting so many areas of life and creating uncertainty. Animals can be great companions, reduce stress and anxiety, give you purpose and even encourage you to get more exercise so they can certainly be of great help in this difficult period.


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