How Pets Can Help To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Not a single day for the rest of our lives is going to be ‘device-free.’ I don’t want to make it look like it’s wrong or detrimental. It’s the new world and we can’t really get rid of devices. Our work and life are intertwined and to maintain a balance, we don’t have to separate them both.

We have to answer a few emails after hours, have to do overtime, work on weekends if it’s necessary. Maintaining a work-life balance is getting difficult for so many working professionals in the USA. According to one study, more than half of people in the US have unhealthy work-life balance.

Isn’t that an alarming situation? But if we look at this issue closely, there are small big things that can go a long way in improving work-life balance. One of the ways is getting a pet. Let’s see how pets can make your life better.

Physical Activity

As common as it may sound but exercise is mandatory to lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn will positively impact your work-life balance. Even if you sleep for 8 hours, you may feel lethargic during the day and exhaust quickly if you are living a sedentary lifestyle.

Corey Patrick, Founder & CEO at DogNeedsBest says, “It’s not that we don’t know the benefits of exercising but it’s easy to put it off. If you have a pet that you need to walk and get out of the house a couple of times every day, you’re going to do it and you will enjoy it.”

My dog Ollie starts wagging his tail as soon as I start looking for his leash. Dogs would always want to go out to parks, beaches, pools, and dog restaurants to play, walk, chasing squirrels, in a nutshell, any sort of physical activity. If you have a dog, you will get enough exercise effortlessly.

Enjoying the Present Moment

We are so occupied with our chores and mentally running through all checklists, thinking about projects, meetings, and anticipating updates on our phones. When you go to a restaurant next time, see how many people are there who don’t have their phones in their hands or resting on their tables?

But if you have a dog, things are not the same. He would want you to enjoy what’s right in front of you. Dogs would sniff where they want, chase squirrels, and do whatnot. My dog hates it when I start talking on a phone. He would try everything to get my attention and take a treat as compensation. If you have a dog, you will start living more in the present moment and forget the stressful thoughts about your life for a while.

Oxytocin Helps

Science says, looking into a dog’s eyes secrets oxytocin, a happy or love hormone in humans. It’s better to take a small break from your work and look into your dog’s eyes and boost your spirits.

Playtime is Fun Not Only For You

Dogs absolutely love their playtimes without a question! But when you want to look away for a while from your computer screen, you can play tug-of-war or teach him new tricks and get back to your work.

I always try to play hide ‘n seek with Ollie when I’m taking some off screen time during work. You can’t unsee that wagging tail and zoomies that may follow. This helps me to replenish my motivation to work again and freshen me up.

Quiet Time

Dogs or other pets do not speak human language and don’t share their thoughts when you want some ‘me time’. You can just cuddle with your pet on a couch and read books, watch a movie, or play guitar. Your pet will make your quiet time more enjoyable. This is a crucial factor in making work-life balance better.

Gives You More Chances to Socialize

You have been so busy with your work and the daily hectic routine that you have not met with your friends for years now. It feels awkward to make that call and ask your friend to meet up. However, going on a hike with your friends along with your dogs makes socialization more reasonable and easier.

I used to go to a park every alternate day with my dog and found the love of my life. The ice-breaking conversation was my dog’s DNA test results! Isn’t that awesome?


Pets are funny! They do some things that only they would understand. While I’m working on my laptop I hear a weird snorting sound from Ollie’s bed only to find out he is chasing his tail and try to catch a fly with his mouth.

My favorite part is to try to do ‘pet challenges’ trending on tik tok and Instagram. Pets make you laugh. A lot.

The EndNote

The things I’ve tried to include in this article are those small big things that can enhance your work-life balance. Many corporate offices have started allowing pets at work. Not to mention the rules and regulations. But all in all, pets at work can cheer up employees and it’s beneficial at so many levels. So, if you think you have a bad work-life balance and can raise a pet, you should definitely consider adopting one.