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As an addict who’s chosen to get sober, you’re about to face many great changes in your life. Check out what you get to look forward to.

When you’re in early addiction recovery you’ll find yourself struggling to imagine what life is going to be like without your addiction in it. Being newly sober is bound to be an awkward time for you. However, it’s important to remember that this is incredibly rewarding too. The Cabin wants you to know that you can’t even imagine the benefits you’re about to reap, but here they are so you know what you can look forward to.

You’ll see Your Health Improve

When you’re wrapped up in the throes of your addiction, everything else goes to the wayside – food, sleep, self-care, everything. This is why so many addicts suffer from things like high blood pressure, cancer, and many other serious health ailments. Your addiction is damaging your body. Once you choose to live a sober lifestyle, you’ll stop putting a heavy strain on your body, which will also improve your overall health.

Your Finances Will Grow Stronger

Most addicts will find themselves spending an insane amount of money on their addiction. Even if you don’t indulge in nights out, you’ll still find that the cumulative total you’ve spent on your addiction is huge. Once you regain your sobriety, you’ll have all this money leftover to spend on other, more meaningful things like decorating your home, learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to learn, or saving up for a dream vacation. If your credit score suffered due to your addiction, you can even begin to get that back in order. The Stop Drinking Expert says there’s so much you can do with all the money you now have available to you.

Your Personal Relationships Will be Repaired

Once you’re sober, you’ll notice how empty and void some of your relationships have been because you can no evaluate them based on their input into your life. As you do so you’ll find yourself focusing on having more fulfilling relationships with people who have similar interests to yours. Even your relationship with your spouse will grow more intimate. All this will help you grow more positive, have more energy, and be more willing to help others. When people see this, those who are no longer in your life may decide they want you back in their life.

You’ll Look and Feel Better Than Before

Whether you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, they’ll make you look older. Once you end your addiction, you’ll find that your skin remains moist, your hair looks full, and if you start working out, you’ll even regain some muscle tone. Additionally, you’ll start to sleep better, which means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and without those dark circles under your eyes. People around you may even tell you that you look younger. All this will help you feel better, more confident, and proud of who you are.

You’ll Lose Weight

Addictions have a way of accelerating unhealthy weight gain. When you’re sober and choose healthy foods, you’ll be in control of your weight once again and it’ll feel great to gain good weight and shed unwanted weight. Taking up outdoor activities (e.g. hiking) will also help you with your weight. All this is important because it minimizes your risk of developing weight-related health issues in the future. 

You’ll Make Better Decisions

The after-effects of your addiction are probably unflattering. This will stop when you become sober because you’ll have a clear mind to use in making decisions. Now you can fully live in the moment and choose the best future for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll also feel calmer as you carry out your long-term goals. Of course, it’ll also feel great not having to worry about what you can’t remember from the night before when you heavily indulged in your addiction.

You’ll Have More Time to Grow and Become a Better Person

While indulging in your addiction you probably ignored some other important areas of your life. However, when you’re sober, you’ll have time to recreate yourself. The day you become sober you get to start this journey and you can look forward to having a better version of yourself in the future.

When you’re sober you have more time to enjoy hobbies that genuinely fulfill you and give you a sense of purpose. You can also take care of your deeper needs instead of only being concerned about your immediate needs – most of which are destructive anyway.

As this change happens, you’ll notice your perspective will settle down. Many people around you will take notice and be inspired by you too.

Your Mind Will be Clear

Once you start living sober, you’ll attain a new level of mental awareness. This is because your addiction no longer clouds your judgment since you’re no longer consumed by chasing after it. Now that you’re sober, you’ll realize how unimportant your addiction is and this will bring about a sense of mental peace – especially now that you can wake up remembering what you did the day before. A clear mind will also help you reach your goals in life that you laid aside as you chased after your addiction.

You’ll be More Productive

Without your addiction clouding your way you’ll be more focused on obtaining real success. This means you can obtain positive results in every area of your life – even your job. This is because you’re now capable of giving 100% without over-extending yourself. In doing so you’ll see your results improve and you’ll feel like your work is more meaningful – not just a means to an end.

Final Thoughts

Initially, you’ll find that sober living is a real challenge for you. Every minute, if not every second, you must choose to remain sober. However, you’ll come to see that sober living is the best choice you’ve made in your entire lifetime. This occurs when you start to see your best self shining through. It is then that you’ll start cherishing the little things and the little moments in life. When you do, you’ll realize that sobriety is well worth all the time and effort you put forth towards making it yours.


  • Michelle has a masters in human psychology and a diploma in biology. She is actively involved in writing about the health and lifestyle issues faced by people. She has been helping people in building a healthier lifestyle and has been working with non-profit organizations for almost a decade.