What if I told you you could be best friends with all of your idols, and hang out with them every week, for FREE… while taking a shower? Well, you can. Through podcasting.

In 2014, Serial (still one of my fave podcasts of all time… #FREEADNAN) brought a resurgence to podcasting and inspired some really, really big names to jump on the bandwagon. Now, you can listen to the world’s experts in just about every industry, all while swiffering your floors.

The beauty of podcasting is that audio is such an intimate medium. You really get to know the speaker, her quirks, her beliefs, her fears. It’s why I really feel like I’m BFFs with some of my fave podcasters (I’m looking at you Karen & Georgia).

So now on long commutes, while you’re task batching your meals for the week, or getting ready for the day, take advantage of the fact that you have access to INSANE resources, advice, and inspiration through podcasting. It’s honestly pretty amazing.

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Here are some of my fave podcasts to get you started:

At the risk of freaking you all out, this is legit my FAVORITE podcast. For all my anxiety-ridden true crime lovers out there, this is for you. Karen & Georgia mashup true crime and comedy (trust me, it works) with a sprinkle of mental health and amazingly supportive listener community. Plus, their slogan is “stay sexy, don’t get murdered” (nuff said right?)

Look, not everyone loves Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. But honestly, can someone please explain WHY? Lauryn was one of the first in the blogging biz and she’s turned her genius into a MASSIVE business. She’s real as they come, and haters gonna hate. Now, she has a podcast with her adorable hubby Michael Bosstick, and their dynamic keeps me loling through my commute. They cover topics including beauty, fitness, business, and more, and have guests like Youtube star Amanda Cerny and Jillian Michaels (from The Biggest Loser… #tbt)

For anyone looking to grow their digital audience, build a personal brand, or master social media and brand deals – you’ll love this one. Former PR gal turned blogger Julie Solomon brings on weekly guests that share their “influencer secrets” – in an industry that’s too often secretive.

Tim Ferriss is the man behind the 4-Hour Workweek. He covers all types of people and industries, and mines the tools, tactics, and tricks everyone can use to be more productive.

I’m obsessed with Gary Vee. Obsessed. All of his content is no-bullshit, inspirational, and PRACTICAL business advice for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Guy Raz interviews heavy hitter entrepreneurs like the founders of Rent the Runway, Warby Parker, Airbnb, and Drybar. Inspo guaranteed.


If you’re a bride-to-be, this is the only podcast you need. Aleisha makes wedding planning fun and as drama free as possible. Tracy and I listened to her podcast for a month straight after we got engaged!

Wanna dive into a plethora of problems women face in the workplace? There’s a wealth of knowledge here.

Another husband and wife team – Shannon Green of USA Today and comedian Dusty Terrill. They’ll keep you updated on anything you may have missed!

This one’s a cult favorite – and answers every question under the sun – nothing is off limits.

Get your learn on. Whenever I cite random statistics… there’s a good chance they came from this podcast.

All I want to do is hang out with these four ladies. They talk about everything from pop culture, to beauty, to the representation of people of color in the media.

Long distance besties actually catching up. Just so much drama.


The real deal about what it’s like to start your own business.

Uplifting advice on everything from relationships to career to personal habits.


Hosted by Leandra Medine (the humorist behind Man Repeller). Quick lil digests.

For those of you with a “real” job AND a side hustle – Two Inboxes is for you. Lots of good advice in here (even if you haven’t actually started your side hustle yet!)

What’s your fave podcast? Share the love below – I love finding new ones!

Originally published at brainsoverblonde.com