Willingness to see the benefit in every disappointment may seem a cliche but it is a mark of successful people.
Science Tells that our brain generates around 60,000 thoughts daily. The Question is how to control these much thoughts while sometimes we are unable to control even one thought and that thought takes over the brain.
It’s said that no one can take over thoughts. On top of that, there’s something called ‘feeling’.
No one can control his thoughts but feelings. If someone wants to feel good he can do, by doing something which makes him feel good or he can remember old thoughts which make him feel good.

How to look if my attitude is positive or not

A simple way to look at this is to go look at your last social media updates, go look at your facebook statuses, go look at the things you choose to post about.it’ll let you know whether you are slanted towards the positive side or the negative side.

One of the best and most true litmus tests is to ask those that know you. If you think you could be negative with you, know your friends, your family and loved ones but positive just in business with customers that’s not true.you’re gonna be the same all across the board here’s the thing.

The sun doesn’t always shine. Rain falls on everybody but it’s not trying to prevent rain from falling on you that makes someone positive, it’s learning how to respond when the rain is falling that determines exactly where you end up.

All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above. the Clouds.

APJ Abdul Kalam

How Positive Attitude Leads To Positive Ideas?

If someone starts to feel good he automatically starts to get good thoughts.
Next to feelings is the attitude. Our attitude is like the Ocean. It tells how to react in some situation, how to respond or what should be the reaction of something. Some people possess a positive attitude and some do negative.

A positive attitude is what that diverts you toward success. It is because you when you think positive, it helps the mind to bring some positive ideas to move on and so does help to find out the right path.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

Hellen Keller

Correlation between success and positive attitude

a positive attitude and greater success are parallel to each other. It can exalt your Self-efficacy, help to meet knotty challenges, lower levels of stress.
One should show a positive attitude toward his goals, like if some player thinks of winning the race, then he’ll be more likely to think of steps to have a good start and ultimately good results too.
If someone observes something negative then the next positive thing can be taking that into the challenge and make it positive and productive.


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