Sujan Pariyar

Meditation has been one of the things that I practiced regularly. Starting in my teenage years, I didn’t know much about it (still don’t know) but loved the idea of being myself while my eyes were closed. Born in a Hindu family, I have always been fascinated with the stories of Shiva, Yoga, Meditation, Channing spirit guides, and more. During the beginning of my spiritual journey, I watched numerous videos that share different techniques of meditation. One of the common aspects was always trying to avoid thoughts!

Like many beginner practitioners, I was having trouble getting rid of numerous thoughts that came to mind while meditating. Take me as a wrong practitioner, but I started loving the thoughts that arise during the meditation sessions. I sat in my meditation pose and played with the thoughts and tried to make them better which gave me immense happiness as soon as I opened my eyes. The happiness of the stories stayed with me for a whole day or two. As soon as I am not connected to the narrative, I meditate to build another story. The whole beginner phrase was for me like watching different feel-good movies. 

When I started to acknowledge that I am doing mediation in a completely different way, I tried to start the practice from another angle. See, I didn’t work with any Mediation teacher or attended events. I learned from YouTube or other media and was free to practice in my own way. There was no one by my side telling me you are doing wrong, focus!

Sujan Pariyar

In my 20’s I got involved in charity work, university, and more which limited my time for spiritual practice. I loved what I was doing with my own meditation and wanted to continue it. Every night I laid down in my sleeping pose with the face upright and meditated. That made me fall asleep faster and protected me from nightmares. For me, laying on my bed and meditating was one of the best ways to get better sleep. I totally understand when people say getting 12 hours of sleep in 4 hours… I felt that too.

Now I am almost 28, my meditation practices and experiences have changed. I feel the presence of something that is higher than humanity and guiding me in some ways. 

It feels like a new journey where I have started to feel the energies and took steps towards understanding them. When I meditate,  I am often taken into a deep vast black space where my human soul gets scared easily. But once I start to accept and break my fear, I feel like I am in my subconsciousness and feel the oneness with the universe where I can get the answers to many questions.

Sujan Pariyar

From meditating as a fun thing to the feeling of deep spirituality that affects my life is unexplainable. Health troubles like pain have been completely removed because of meditation. There have been many days that set me back. I couldn’t meditate because negative thoughts took control over me. But on the other side, there have been countless days where my meditation has guided me towards better health, a strong mindset, and a harmonic work-life balance.

If you are thinking of starting a meditative life, I advise you to learn from someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience. At Least have someone that you can reach out to when you have questions or challenges. As a beginner, we never know what we are meditating for and what we end up attracting. When we try to grow our spirituality, sometimes negative energies might stay with you and block education, business, relationship, family and more. This is why it is very helpful and important to learn with the guidance of an expert.