Seriously saying in today’s time, there’s been a havoc, when it comes to express thankfulness or being grateful, as per people thinking, and spending even less time to re-think about it. If I am not wrong, it could be taken as a word of obligation to open our mind about it or to even take it in ritualistic sense. But there’s nothing so BIG about being grateful of simply what you have. Ofcourse I am well acquainted with the fact that everyone’s dreams and to make them turn into reality, has taken up all the space in the brain that, merely achieving things and feeling complete has become today’s motto.

So when could one take aback a step to think and have time for their desire of internal happiness apart from all the worldly pleasures. Indeed, those real things to be thankful for and at some part of life, we’ll be realizing for these things, our real mentor of existence makes sense and finally from that day, we’ll practice gratitude in a lot more greater sense.

When you started becoming grateful for the things you’ve, initially life gives you back more, maybe the things you’ll be receiving as a smaller gestures at first, but definitely their real meaning would be intended to you once you are matured, the importance you can’t compare like wise of love and blessings with material things.

Being grateful or practicing gratitude is not a one-shot deal or could be learned in few moments or hours. But the real game starter is your own ‘Internal Being’, that helps to create a space inside you of satisfaction as well as leaving you with a light feeling that starts embracing little things gradually.

Well, acknowledging that vivid sense of gratitude comes from within, when we started noticing and appreciating simple things, indeed being happy with merely small things in life and feeling thankful for it, is best understood as gratitude. Initially, we start realizing when we walk out of circle of our ever lasting wants or desires, giving less priority to what we actually have with ourselves. Practicing gratitude is a great thing which includes self-care to both mind and soul. Moreover of getting the relaxation of having beautiful people and things in life further helping in making one feel empathize towards everything.

As about me, I started acknowledging the influential power of gratitude, from the day, a year back, when someone from all heart tried to help me, and I completely misunderstood that, afterwards realizing my mistake, I apologized to the person, straight away though I apologized and thanked for all the help being done. I started feeling light and eventually calm and relaxed from inside. In life, though I don’t require many things, but a sort of realization is there, that things or people, I already have on the forefront. I am glad and grateful for it. For me, it’s like everyday, new chances, new opportunities and realization that I am hail and hearty to make the best out of every day. There could be and are several ways to start expressing gratitude, but instead start with taking small steps make it even more worth living.

Now, just noticing out on latest trends and after going through, seeing some people holding on their journals to seek upon and noting about, what they felt and the things which they come across everyday or even a minute behaviour of people towards them which could lead to a change in themselves which they’re feeling thankful even for. Keeping a journal and keeping a track of each activity done, whether it includes important tasks or work, even tracking down things which makes you feel good about yourself and also enhances your positivity in thoughts. Moreover you will feel positive throughout and will once again fell in love with life, which even energizes you to do a lot more for yourself as well as for others.

Personally, I don’t keep a journal to track about how I feel, how I do things. But definitely I think keeping a journal and seeing them at times, can have and make a mental positive impact on health as well as mind during at the worst times, when desperately one requires inner motivation to feel good. Once you have started making a point of good thing happened to you because of anything or you have given a small but meaningful happiness to others, you will start to have lesser regrets in life or about life, which we tend to behave or think in our most worst times, with enormous overload of dying faith in ourselves as well as on lives.

Since the time, I started realizing the positive impact of gratitude in my 20s. Now I have become more tend to let go off things, which aren’t under my control or moreover not favourable for me. Like a human, I also want to fulfil mu unusual wants, but gradually realizing that things, are not going to help me in later times, it’s not useful to spend time upon them. When instead, one could acquire a complete feeling, though a favourable one by appreciating small things which brings on happiness, though for few moments, but a recognizable and a pleasant one. The things I do almost every day to persuade gratitude and to be thankful for are :

1. A handout saying to my parents, that they are precious to me with different quotes.

2. Giving a tight and a warm hug to my friends, for helping me throughout my school days and college days and to be present, whenever I am in trouble, no matter what.

3. Helping the people generously who are in desperate need and I am thankful to God, for making me that able to help.

4. Giving gifts sometimes to the orphan kids.

5. Writing a thank you note, for the ones who are dear, but if I am not able to express myself verbally.

6. Teaching new things or knowledgable facts to children and kids, who aren’t able to afford higher education.

7. Contributing clothes in the donation camps.

These are some things, which I do on my part, which really gives me a good feeling back. The most important thing, which works for me in feeling awesome is ‘Forgiving people who intentionally or unintentionally hurted my feelings and tried to make me feel low’.

Tuning with a warm feeling of helping others and practicing the art of gratitude on every day basis and starting small helps to face life with positive envisioning and awesome thoughts.

This season, try and make someone feel good and appreciated, in return with a feeling great about yourself too.

Expressing gratitude is the best thing ever we can do, for the purification of our soul and as well as our minds.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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