The world is changing – the butterfly effect, wisdom of the crowd, synergy, integration and connection theory are only part of the information available to us that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the world is a single system of connections, and we are inside of it. 

We are already on a one-way path, and can only advance forward. There is no turning back. We see how the coronavirus – one tiny virus – paralyzed the whole world. We are only beginning to recover from it after three months, and only partially. The message was clear – one problem for the entire world. 


Every man lives and operates according to their desire, their ego, which is the force pushing us to maintain our corporeal existence and development. Until our time we developed at all human levels – sex, family, money, honor and knowledge. Throughout human history each generation left aspirations showing where the following generation could develop. This is how each generation took what was left by the previous generation, and added its own aspirations on top of it, and the following generation did the same. 

The Next Generation

Until our time. This is the first time in history where we see a younger generation that we’ve left with no room to aspire to anything great. They are bored and rejecting all our social, educational, political, and business frameworks. They have lost the will and desire to develop based on what exists. It’s no wonder that they prefer the screens over the human connection that we enjoyed. There is no negative trend here, but rather a natural process of development. This is the first generation to be born into the transition between the end of the egoistic era, and the beginning of the integral era. And social processes are a thing that takes time. These are processes that don’t happen in a day. It will take time but the main thing is that we have a clear path forward. 

The Trend

All this brings us to a clear conclusion – we belong to a single system that we also exist in, which has a purpose. We must begin to learn and teach one another how to begin living in a network of mutual ties. Especially when it comes to everything between humans – how the laws of the world work and how to suit ourselves to them in the most beneficial manner. All this has to do with human behavior and our emotional intelligence. How we treat our fellow man. The transition to the new world will be very challenging but necessary. Ultimately it will be the best thing for all of humanity without exception. 


The leaders of the private sector have the most to lose, and also the greatest opportunity. They have the power and resources to make the transition more pleasant for all. If the situation in the world doesn’t improve, the pressures will increase in the form of protests and general unrest. 

Where will people look to blame? To those who are not lacking anything. If we keep going on the current path, we can reach a state where 80% of the world’s population has nothing to eat. 

So let us now, while we still have ideal conditions, organize educational programs on the internet. Once we start learning about man and the world, and how to make the transition to the integral world, everyone will be better off. 

You may have worked very hard your whole life to build your business. Your ambition provided jobs for many people and helped develop our society. But that will no longer be a possibility if business leaders don’t step forward to organize society. To help provide the education about how to get along here in a better way. 

In the next stage every company and organization will need to invest in boosting the emotional intelligence of all employees, customers and partners. Not only will this be imperative for success, it will also be a government law – meaning a condition for doing business and producing events.