Stress Management For Recruiters

As a recruiter, you have a list of things to do. You must be quick and efficient at sourcing candidates, and then selling them on why they should work with you. As a recruiter, it is important to stay motivated and productive. Here are tips for staying well-balanced while sourcing candidates. 

1. Recruiting is a high-stress job, but you can manage it

Recruiting is a high-stress job, but you can manage it by doing the following:

  1. Take the time to look at your stressors and work on taking steps to eliminate or reduce them.
  2. Get plenty of rest.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Take a walk outside or listen to calming music.
  5. Drink water.
  6. 6.Eat nutritious foods. Above all else, be gentle.

If there were a “stress test” for finding the best people to do your job, would the best person even be on your list? Based on the last 12 months, probably not. That’s why it pays to ask yourself what type of people I would want in my organization. I’ve called out some of my former colleagues and how they responded when I asked them similar questions.

According to Bain & Co’s Global Recruiter Hiring Survey, 100% of recruiters report being under more pressure than ever before. 78% report high levels of job stress and only 14% say they’re feeling more energized than ever before. Employment counselor Taimur Khan wrote in Forbes that “stress levels are through the roof, with job satisfaction and stress levels going through the roof.”

Common stressors that you may experience

The list of daily stressors for recruiters is long: remote work, long days, unpredictable hours, crunch time, candidates that are rude or ungracious, and paying for candidates’ travel when they are away from home for months at a time. Stress felt in these areas can impact your focus and energy levels, especially when compared with other parts of the job.

Unless you use energy efficient tools — such as the U.S. News & World Report’s “10 Best Workplace Apps” — during Zoom calls with employers, you’re likely to overheat and your co-workers will see how much you’re sweating.

Tip: Have you ever though about using recruitment software? If not, this might be a game changer for you. It can help elevate some of that stress off your shoulders.

2. Stress management tips to keep your productivity high

Decrease stress by building your skills in areas that create opportunity and allow you to make a difference. Learn how bargaining, the arts, and service can help you build your skills. When you have mastered these areas, you will have more options for finding work that can reduce stress and provide you with a sense of purpose.

  1. Keep away from the things that make you anxious or frustrated. By eliminating these triggers, you will be more relaxed and have more time to enjoy life.
  2. Exercise daily – Many people engage in physical activity in the morning and evening so they can manage their stress levels.
  3. Find an excuse to smile, make a joke out of yourself or simply watch something funny.
  4. Unwinding your thoughts can help with clear consciousness.

Recruiters often don’t get enough sleep, but the opposite is true as well. Most of us claim to be “morning people,” and yet research shows that the majority of us sleep around eight to ten hours per night, on average. Sleep is extremely important for sustained job performance. Furthermore, sleep deprivation makes it more difficult to come up with new ideas on how to improve a company’s culture, which leads to a negative culture, friction in recruiting processes, and poor employee satisfaction.

3. How to make sure you’re being productive and not just busy

Being busy can mean being full of ideas or just being involved in a lot of activities. A lot of the time unnecessary activities can cause stress or overload. In other words, you could be working hard without any idea of what you are doing. Productivity means putting in the hours needed to produce your output with stressing about it over and over again.

You are your own worst enemy when you stop believing in your work. If you’re not getting results, don’t stress about it. It probably means it’s time for a change. We all create equally well or poor depending on where our intrinsic value lies. Providing value is the essence of what we do, and as long as we’re willing to produce value for our clients, we shouldn’t be focused so much on creating volume. That could be the key for some of us to have stress free life.


Managing the entire recruitment process can be stressful, but by following tips outlines in this article you will make it a little easier on yourself. I guess the bottom line is productivity is the key to success but stress free mind can take your productivity to next level.