The man behind leading real estate investing company, CARROLL, is Patrick Carroll himself. The entrepreneur and business maverick built his company from the ground up, and has repeatedly proven that success comes to those who make it themselves. Patrick was never one to blindly follow the crowd, instead he paved his own way through innovation and commitment to excellence, even teaching himself how to get a 100% mortgage for a condo at the start of his career. These very principles of ingenuity, and always striving to be the best in both his personal and professional life, propelled him to the top of the real estate game. Much like a modern day Jay Gatsby—with his affinity for the finer things in life, which directly correlate to the incredibly high-standards of CARROLL—Patrick’s trajectory is the perfect example of how far one can get with determination…and his charm doesn’t hurt either.

            Since Patrick himself did not follow a standard route in real estate, he applies the same unorthodox ideas to running CARROLL. Due to remaining privately owned—in spite having multiple offers to go public—the company is able to be agile and malleable when it comes to its strategies and investing approaches. Something that has allowed it to pivot as-needed, especially during the current state of affairs. “When industry giants start drifting toward a trend, the herd mentality follows leaving a void in another area, and this is where we swiftly step in,” Patrick explains. The outside-the-box thinking doesn’t stop there, with employees largely being chosen based on their drive and hunger to succeed, rather than the industry-standard pedigree, which Patrick believes brings a competitive edge to his team. In the same vein, the business is run on a “work hard, play hard” mentality set against the backdrop of CARROLL’s four pillars:  integrity, passion, and excellence. However, to Patrick it’s all about authenticity and walking the walking, “I like to lead by example, so I’m always trying to better myself, and I expect the same from my team,” he notes.

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