how running cured my depression

According to the report of the National Institution of Mental Health, more than 7% of adults are facing one major depressive episode in their lives. It wouldn’t be a minimal amount to be ignored. Almost 17.3 million people are suffering from a mood disorder. Reasons for mood disorder might be subjective in nature. Therefore, causes differ from person to person. It is not wrong to say that depression is the most common suffering of human beings nowadays. For the treatment of depression, medical science suggests various medications and psychotherapies that mitigate anxiety. Apart from these medications, there is also another tested method to overcome the menace of depression. Allow me to share my journey of depression with you guys.

Causes of My depression

As I have mentioned earlier that causes of depression are subjective. However, the most common reason for depression among youth is unemployment. “Owing to unemployment, 45000 cases of anxiety leads towards suicides every year”, The Guardian says. Therefore, I was not alone who was depressed after losing a job. Yes, I lost my job in 2017 and faced a severe state of affairs during my unemployment period.

To pretend that “I was ok with it” was the most difficult phase of my life. Nevertheless, something had been broken in me and I was losing my interest in all my hobbies. Verily, I was unable to understand what to do next. I always felt like living in a dark room without any disturbance from my family members. Committing suicide was probably the only solution to get rid of such a panic situation.

One who has lived an unemployed life can literally understand the feelings after losing your desired job. However, it was not the end of my life and I started to think differently. How?

How I Started Running              

After losing my job, the first thing I came to realize that I was dropping my health too. Weakness and dark circles around my eye raised the hackle whenever I saw myself in a mirror. Therefore, the first thought which touched my mind was to get rid of this dark room.

I had much time to wander around the roads and kill the time. Instead of choosing wandering on the roads, I selected running in the morning and night. Therefore, I drew off my trousers and running shoes.  Firstly, running required many efforts. Later on, I got used to it.

On the first day, I started crying over my helplessness while I was running in the park. After crying and running, I literally felt light as if I were the only guy with no tensions on the planet.

Therefore, I made my habit of running daily.

How Running cured my depression?

Consequently, I started to feel full of beans in the next coming days. While running in the park for over an hour, I used to listen to my favorite songs. I always talked with myself during exercise. After two weeks of running, weakness and dark circles around my eyes had to vanish. Moreover, running made me tired too and I was able to get a comfortable sleep of 8 hours at night. And comfortable sleep is the best combatant of depression.

After that, I started to search for a new job and doors of opportunities have been opened for me once again.