Three style tips he swears by.

Radio and television superstar Ryan Seacrest always looks dapper on the red carpet. But would he have risen in the ranks so spectacularly if he ran around Hollywood in hoodies and scrappy jeans?

We’ll leave that up to you. In the meantime, why not try these style moves he swears by?

1. Dress one level up.

“I’ve always been a fan of dressing for the job you want, not necessarily the one you have. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression,” says Seacrest, who recently launched an eveningwear collection as part of his Ryan Seacrest Distinction line.

You want to turn heads with your charming personality. But the reality is your style is what others spot first.

Whether you’re dressing for work or play, don’t make the mistake of eschewing comfort. “Choose something you can walk, sit, dance or move around in with ease and confidence,” Seacrest says. Avoid looking like your clothes are wearing you.

2. Mix timeless with modern.

Classic looks give the impression you’ve got style knowhow. Unexpected twists show you’ve got modern flair.

“Keep it simple,” Seacrest says. “But that doesn’t have to mean boring. Juxtapose contrasting textures or incorporate a subtle pattern for a distinguished look.” Or add a smart accessory — like a pocket square or tie bar — to snazz it up.

“Don’t be afraid to mix casual and more formal pieces together — a velvet blazer with jeans or a tie with a sweater rather than a blazer,” he says.

3. Take the extra five minutes.

It’s all about confidence. So if five extra minutes takes your look over the top, it’s worth it. You’ll stand taller and have more pep in your step.

“I truly believe making an effort to look great will give you the confidence to own whatever passion or pursuit you’re going after,” says Seacrest.

To really crush it, take time to pop over to your neighborhood tailor. A snip here and a tuck there will give you extra polish. “It is all about the tailoring,” Seacrest says. “The best fit is your best look.”


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