Your mindset is that collection of attitudes and beliefs that guide the actions you make each day. While your mindset might have got you the success you have so far, it could also be what is keeping you from going further.

Whether it’s procrastination or perfectionism, fear of failure or fear of success, lack of confidence or lack of focus, those inner patterns of self-sabotage have a lot to answer for.

One of the best tools for regaining control of your wayward subconscious is self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is the act of influencing your own mind to change through techniques such as suggestion and creative visualisation.

Here are seven ways self-hypnosis can help you be more successful in your business, and ultimately increase your earning potential.

Increase Your Confidence and Self-Worth

When we talk ourselves out of things because we don’t believe we’re capable of them, or when we feel overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought of putting ourselves out there, it suggests our subconscious is running a belief that we are not good enough.

Using self-hypnosis to improve your sense of self-worth on a subconscious level will give you the confidence to be more visible, to promote yourself and your business more openly and engagingly, which will be more attractive to those looking to buy your services or products.

Managing Stress and Beating Burnout

Entrepreneurs have a higher incidence of stress, anxiety and depression. Being able to handle the ups and downs of starting and running a business means being able to handle the inevitable stress that brings. Stress clouds clarity of thought and can lead to burnout.

Use self-hypnosis as part of your daily mental wellbeing practice to help you to manage stress effectively, which will in turn improve your ability to make decisions, prevent you from losing it all through burnout, and also make the whole experience of being an entrepreneur generally a lot more enjoyable!

Put a Stop to the Negative Self-Talk of Imposter Syndrome

Few of us would say we never hear that judgy inner voice telling us that we’re not all that. Negative thinking and comparisonitis are habits that a lot of us learn young and then repeat throughout our lives until they are firmly installed. Imposter Syndrome can leave us feeling fearful that it’s all going to fall down around us, even when we’re doing well.

With self-hypnosis you can train your brain to be kinder to yourself, to think more empowering thoughts and create more empowering beliefs. Instead of knocking yourself down, use your inner voice to build yourself and your business potential sky high.

Build Resilience and Stay Motivated

Keeping going despite the setbacks can be one of the biggest challenges in business, especially in the early days. Repeatedly running up against obstacles can give your motivation and your confidence a knock, while the effort it takes to keep on going despite the challenges can be exhausting. It’s in times like these that your subconscious will start to gear up with protection strategies such as procrastination and loss of focus.

In challenging times, you can use self-hypnosis to see situations as learning opportunities and develop a positive outlook to override the self-defeating inner talk. Where the subconscious will naturally begin to highlight further areas where you might fail after a few setbacks, you can counter this by putting your mind to work to notice the opportunities for success.

Change Your Money Story

Money mindset is big business these days for a reason. We all have stories about our worth and about the value and morality of money that we carry with us from childhood. Unknown to us, these stories could play a part in limiting our own ability – or willingness – to earn well. Exploring your own money stories may reveal beliefs such as, “It’s hard to make money”, or “Money creates problems”, or “Rich people are bad”.

When you know what your beliefs around money and your ability to pull it in are, you can use your self-hypnosis sessions to re-write more empowering beliefs, such as: “Money makes dreams possible”, “I attract wealth and abundance to me”, or “Money is easy to make”.

Establish and Maintain New, More Helpful Habits

Just as you can collapse old habits that hinder your happiness as well as your business success, you can also instill new habits. What could you be doing more off that if you did it consistently would result in more income/opportunities? What small habits could you do each day that over time would have a big impact?

With self-hypnosis you can visualize yourself fulfilling these new habits and patterns of behavior with joy. By allowing yourself to see and feel the results of them in a compelling way, it allows your subconscious mind to feel safe about engaging with them.

Victoria Ward is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach with more than a decade experience working directly with clients on their business and personal goals. You can find out more about her work including her Self-Hypnosis for Business workshops on her website.