The path to success is rarely easy, and we rarely hear of anyone reaching their accomplishments like it’s a walk in the park. The same is true for the business-minded and big-hearted Shamus Goss, for in his life story, the difficult parts of life made him and did not break him. Shamus was born and raised in the South Bronx, where he knew early on that he could shatter boundaries and become much more than someone with difficult beginnings.

From the South Bronx, he traveled to Atlanta to where he founded the apparel company, Teamone Athletics, while also managing his marketing company, Major Change Media. Shamus’ success story is one worth knowing. He had battles to win before he could get to where he is now.

Shamus gives his family’s support much credit for helping him overcome his struggles early in life. Now he’s a go-getter entrepreneur, and you wouldn’t think that he had a difficult time in middle school. Shamus was exposed to an environment where the future may not be possible if he let himself be negatively influenced. But those situations only became a pivotal point in his life, because after moving in with his sister, he devoted time and effort to his education and was determined to turn things around. His grades improved and even graduated six months earlier than the rest of his class. It’s safe to say that Shamus was able to calm the storm that was his turbulent past and rise up at that.

It would be reasonable to let bad experiences roll off one’s back, but they only served as lessons in life for Shamus. His turbulent history was the ultimate motivator to change his life. Shamus built himself up from the bottom, learned to be open-minded, and grabbed opportunities presented to him. Shamus proceeded with confidence, and at the young age of 17, it paid off when he entered the music industry and started his own record company. Shamus built connections with artists but did not stop there. With a leap of faith, he moved to Atlanta in 2002, where he established Teamone Athletics and in 2017 Magneto Home Solutions a Real Estate investing firm.

There are two principles that Shamus lives by and always shares with his clients and mentees. To keep up in today’s fast-paced and fast-changing industries, you have to be brave and try new strategies, first of all. Being innovative and ready for change is inevitable for you to stay in the game.

Secondly, Shamus also believes that to grow your business and make it successful, it needs a maximum online presence. This is why he is passionate about his company, Major Change Media. He built Major Change Media to help small businesses reach their goals, build a strong brand, and make their name known to a large audience by using innovative marketing solutions.

Shamus also gives back through his non-profit organization H.E.L.P. When Shamus is away from his other business ventures, it’s not a surprise if he is found working tirelessly to provide resources to the homeless people of Atlanta.