All the people in this world, crave for two things the most, which are not materialistic. They are, “love” and “attention”. Although the first one can be given easily, the second one becomes complicated when not shown correctly. Seeking them is not wrong as we all have the rights to give and get it whenever necessarily.

Everyone and everything in this world, teaches us a lesson daily, either directly or indirectly. Few notices those, learn from them and savor their life. But most of them, they are stuck up in their inside world and have no time to observe what’s happening around them.

I want to write my heart out here about the one, which made me realize how the attention matters. After the realization, the way of seeking and showing attention completely changed and it helped a lot for me to understand it more deeply.

My childhood and teenage days were beautiful as there were no stress, apart from the exam times. Each day was vivid and I thought this happiness will be permanent in future as well. But there was a turning point in my life, that entirely changed my mindset. As soon as my college exams were over, within a month, I got placed in a MNC company. I was flying in colors as my dream of joining in a MNC has finally come true. Initial days at work were good as I was a newbie. But as days went, I started to hate my night shift work due to the pressure it gave, which made me feel exhausted and stressed.

This paved me to suffer from the depression and main reason behind that was the lack of social life. Even though I am an introvert, at that time all I longed for the attention. My days started at dusk and ended at dawn. It was routine, and I was in a stage where I cannot change the company due to the fear of getting rejected. I felt low always, but there were two things which brightened my days. One was travelling and another was watching the sun.

My office was around 25 kilometers away from my home and I usually started to work during the sunset time and returned to home at the time of sunrise. I hated the 10-hour work but I eagerly waited for those 2 hour journey.

That was the time I fell in love with the beauty of sunrise and sunset. It became like an obsession day by day and slowly it took me away from the depression.

I left the job and joined in an e-publishing firm which was my passion and by the blessings of Almighty, my life has become beautiful again. I still, strive to watch sunrise and sunset when ever possible as those colorful hues, always nourishes my soul and mind.

Today, I saw a beautiful sunrise which was similar to the one, during my travel from the work days. Sunrise and sunset did happen during my childhood and teenage period, but I have never noticed them. But when witnessing those moments every time, I feel like how showing a spotlight from our end, can in return gives us wonderful gifts.

Never take any things for granted. We all are guest in this world and it’s our foremost duty to show our attention to fellow beings wholeheartedly, before we depart. People may not say how they feel every time, but their actions can indeed reveal what they are undergoing. It may be happiness or sadness, be a part, give close attention as it will be a chance to see their beautiful colors.