Billboard-charting singer-songwriter Lexy Panterra is known for breaking boundaries not only with her music but also with her business ventures. She released her EP “A Gemini Valentine” in January, followed by a North American tour with Dani Leigh. Lexy has also collaborated with many prominent artists, among the likes of Lil Yachty, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Pro Logic, Shaun Frank, and Marshmello. With two of her singles, Where Do You Go” and “More Than You,” landing spots on The Billboard Top 100 charts Lexy has made an impactful name for herself in the music industry. 

In May, Lexy released her new song titled “Only Fans” which is an anthem for women everywhere to reclaim their power, their femininity, and redefine what sex means to them, not what the Internet tells us it should be. Her new song also paved the way for Lexy’s switch into the rap genre and introduced her new rap persona, Virgin Lex. Lexy feels born again, re-inspired, and, and free to break away from the music industry’s expectations of her. Aside from her musical accomplishments, Lexy is an entrepreneur who owns and operates her fitness company, TwerkOut, where she inspires people to express themselves through dance. Dubbed the “Twerk Queen,” Lexy has personally taught Mel B, Snoop Dogg, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Milian, Bella Thorne, and more stars how to dance like her.

It is only fitting that she has taken her famous Twerkout classes onto the OnlyFans platform but in a completely new and innovative way. OnlyFans, which is typically known as a streaming site for adult content, offered a unique opportunity for Lexy to monetize her brand and expand her Twerkout audience. Lexy is bold and strategic and understands that there’s only so much you can do on Instagram and YouTube, and she is risky and daring enough to prove it. 

Lexy is the epitome of an empowered, strong woman and we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from her on the music side as well as the business side in the future and we can’t wait.  

Tell us about the journey of Twerkout, and taking it from being a fun hobby to an international brand and company. What inspired you to turn it into all that it has become? 

Social media marketing is tricky. Do you think influencers are still being paid well and generating good results for companies, or is it hard to track on both ends? I think some celebs and influencers are definitely taking a hit and not speaking about it. I’m always out front speaking about things like that, and support all my friends and make sure I look out for them too. I think people should be more vocal. But I think digital marketing is best right now because people are at home watching and engaging online more so than ever before. 

What prompted the decision to take TwerkOut to OnlyFans, and break the stereotypes surrounding the company to monetize your brand in a completely new way?

I just always tend to want to push boundaries and want to make money too. I get excited about some things and jump in. I needed money as well because TwerkOut classes have slowed down during COVID, and I’m focused on making a new E.P. So I needed an extra marketing budget. I saw an opportunity and wanted to pave the way for others to feel okay with it too. People can jump on and focus on their brands and sell content all at the same time.  

You recently made another bold career move by transitioning to rap, yet another example of how fearless you are. Has it been scary? What motivated you to go all in with the genre switchup?

I’m not afraid to try things that I have a spark of interest in. I’m the type of person who wants to try most things.  I have a love for rap and I tried a little and liked the way it sounded. It feels authentic with my bad mouth too lol – I can curse freely 🙂

Tell us the meaning behind the persona Virgin Lex. Do you feel born again, brand new as a performer?

Hell yes! That’s exactly what it means 🙂 New phone, who dis?

It seems like there’s prejudice in terms of which artists are allowed to share certain content online, while others get blocked and banned from social platforms. Have you dealt with this? Do you see it changing anytime soon?

I’ve seen us independent artists not have access to a lot of things that would help our process as artists trying to make money in this business. I feel like no platform pays extremely well. And I don’t like that the content for bigger artists is acceptable, and I put twerking in leggings out, and it gets a bad notification on our end. 

“Only Fans” was a huge success, and I’m sure just the beginning of the new content you’re putting out. What’s next for Virgin Lex, and what can fans expect to see from you soon?

The Savager E.P. – Coming for ya.