How long one lives, eye color, hair texture, height, but especially lifespan, are all genetically coded in one’s DNA. Lifespan is extremely important because unlike eye color and hair texture, which are done deals, lifespan is not.

Where the other(s) are set and predetermined; how long you live can actually be determined by how much sleep you get; or in some cases how much one does not get.

Research has shown that the number one cause of death is sleep deprivation; which even precedes dehydration and lack of physical fitness, which just happens to be two and three respectively. They’re so rarely spoken about because, unlike diseases, sleep deprivation happens over a lifetime…literally–necessary and required sleep starts in the womb.

Although these three are really serious health issues they are rarely spoken about. This is no doubt because the remedy for them doesn’t cost a cent—or gross a cent to any franchise; which can capitalize on something as “mundane” as sleep. The primary reason for this is that “natural sleep” is the most valued thing on the planet, but is unable to be bottled and cannot be sold.

Although it is mandatory to get at least eight consecutive hours of sleep; there are 24 hours in a “Life-cycle” but four hours in a “Sleep-cycle.” This (sleep-cycle), takes place from 90 minutes after sunset (sun setting at a different time every evening), and cuts off at midnight.

At midnight the radiation belt in the universe does a “flipflop” i.e., one’s circadian rhythms and all of the sleep that one gets after midnight does not count. This process which takes place, not only recharges the brain, but restores all of the cells in the body. It is clear that the vital, non-supplemental, form of vitamin-D is resourced from the sun. However, what most of us do not know is that if one does not get enough sleep, especially during these hours, which would form good sleeping habits, to resource our necessary eight hours, it will cause the vitamin-D which our bodies did acquire, naturally or otherwise, to be depleted.

[Above contribution(s) are excerpts from “Black or White” -Dr. Leah & Dick Gregory. ]

Be Well and Continue to Elevate. -Dr. Leah