Working in a small business can be very gratifying. A handful of employees who oversee operations sometimes have a hand in decision-making and other processes, which enables them to exercise creativity and develop new skills. But the downside of being few in number means that everyone will be working hard to cover all the bases. The following tips might help to keep your employees from getting frazzled.

Flexible Schedules

A dedicated group of employees who are committed to the same company goals will often accommodate special scheduling requests. Doctor appointments, home repairs, and family duties can be readily arranged when other team members are willing to pitch in. Creating a positive shared work environment helps everyone to feel like a valuable part of the organization. They become a cohesive unit that support each other’s outside needs while on the job.

Growth Opportunities

Small companies offer great opportunities for professional growth and development. An employee who is willing to cover for someone who must be out of the office is an asset to the company and a prime candidate for advancement. With fewer employees to juggle, management can focus on those who want to grow and are willing to put forth extra effort to support the company while taking on new duties. Pitch-hitting for someone who is ill or away on company travel frequently leads to praise and promotion consideration. Professional training may help when employees are asked to perform work they are not familiar with.

Commemorative Gifts

Recognizing the individual and collective hard work of employees is the glue that holds everything together. Give benefits like extra vacation days or corporate chocolate gifts for birthdays to make the workplace more enjoyable. Plaques for milestones, engraved pens for anniversaries, and flowers or gift cards for special events makes everyone feel valued in a small company. On a somber note, hospitalized employees appreciate a gift of flowers or a greeting card as do those who lose loved ones.

Company Celebrations

Camaraderie plays an important role in creating a meaningful workplace environment. Company celebrations for holidays and special times bring everyone together in a relaxing and fun way. The ability to laugh and be yourself in a social context helps to build mutual support among a company’s employees.

Small businesses can work closely with employees to show appreciation and consideration of their needs. Minimal effort and limited cost often boost employee morale and loyalty to make everyone feel good about the organization.