Step by step, day by day – This is my motivation in life. And it is so, for a reason.

Ages ago, when life was all but a dream, so full and bright, everything seemed possible. Needless to say, I used to believe everything’s possible instantly and immediately. You only have to have enough will and mind for it. That’s all it takes.

Perhaps, I couldn’t have deciphered this mechanism of nature until my life-changing experience. The bits of which I will share below.

Permit Yourself to Feel

First things first, to initiate a change, you need to let yourself feel. Quit running away from feeling the true intensity of the situation. If you’re failing at your work, don’t satisfy yourself with false reasons like co-worker’s lack of co-operation (especially if that’s not the case!). If you love doing something that may bring you mockery or hate, do not engage yourself elsewhere. Allow yourself to feel the love or hate for it fully. It is when you do so that you will have a clear mindset. Only then, you’ll discover the amount of love you have for that thing. You’ll learn how invested you are and whether you want to pursue that specific desire or not.

In my case, it was anxiety. I kept denying it initially until it hit me: there’s no quitting. To get over it, I have to first acknowledge it. And that won’t be possible until I permit myself to feel it fully. So, that was my first small choice in the series. It was more of an unconscious one.

Allow Yourself to Think 

That which I said above is known as self-actualization. But there’s no point in aligning your lifestyle with your true nature if you don’t see it. And if you don’t acknowledge. Do it and let it sink in.

Allow yourself to think thoroughly. Be well-aware of what you are currently doing and how it is impacting you or your overall life. Take note of your changing opinions and shifting moods. They are your clue to the next small choice. I did that simply by noticing how feeling anxiety has now brought an urge in me to address it. Alternatively, I could have endured it mindlessly, but that wouldn’t lead me anywhere.

Do Not Hesitate

Well, once you’re through with the first two stages, it’s time to make yet another choice. But now, it’s informed and decisive.

Even if you find yourself changing paths, going to and fro in between several paths, do not hesitate. We’re all humans and can mistake something temporarily satisfying as our life’s purpose.

Keep the butterfly effect in mind and allow yourself complete exploration (as long as it does not damage you or anyone else involved in your journey.) Bear in mind, some decisions in life, such as those of relationships, do not have much room for change. You ought to think once and for all and commit to it unshakably.

The butterfly effect says that small actions and changes eventually contribute to something big and meaningful. The founder of the idea gave the example of the flapping of a butterfly’s wings that contributed to the rise of a tornado after a week. Frankly speaking, the idea seemed more of a fantasy to me until I saw myself jumping from painkillers to CBD jellies and then back to some medications. Quitting it all for a while and then again, returning to the soothing CBD oil. Had I not had this frenzy, I wouldn’t have known how accurately this oil addresses my issue.

Stay Persistent

Keep in mind that even small choices demand commitment. For them to impact your life positively and permanently, you need to keep yourself persistent.

Step one is to allow yourself all bothering, persistent, or fierce feelings thoroughly. Step two is to consciously monitor yourself. Step three is to embrace whatever it brings your way. And step four is the big step, i.e., commitment. Commit to your journey, to your small choices, and you shall be living through the big change in no time.

How will you know? Well, positive things don’t need to pull a siren to announce their existence. Do they? You know. You can feel it. And that’s enough validation. But, if you think that you need physical proof, you’ll see that too. I saw myself sleeping soundly, spending the days calmly, and living a healthier lifestyle after committing to CBD. If your struggle is about a hobby, you’ll maybe see yourself pursuing it without pressure at the back of your mind. Or perhaps, succeeding at your work without comprising your social life. But whatever it is, I hope you begin with your small choices right after finishing with this read!