As we go into lockdown mode, our daily structure is greatly challenged and it is absolutely imperative that we work on creating a “new normal” schedule or our “new dream schedule”. 

Reverse engineer and start by listing out your daily non-negotiable activities. Then, work backwards and fill in the rest of your time in 30 minutes time blocks.

My current non-negotiables daily activities since staying at home:

Warm Breakfast

My body is warm and healthy and my immune system is ready to protect me. 

30 Minutes Meditation

Because of social distancing, time has allowed me to look inward and connect with myself and reflect if my current life is inline with my life purpose and values.  I have reflected and changed my perspective on how I will better manage my priorities and what part of the old normal I will leave behind. 

Minimum 40 Minutes Power Walk 

My coach reminded me that the time is now more than ever to show up as a leader and therefore I choose to stay resilient through this pandemic and pass on this good vibe to my community and clients. By walking, I am motivated and ready to inspire as I am called to do. 

10 Minutes Arm Workout

Physically moving the body helps me stay focused on my priorities and goals. As arm work takes less effort, this is an opportunity to help create helpful thoughts that can correct things in life.⁠

10 Minutes Jump Rope

This is by far the easiest form of exercise I can find that doesn’t require too much equipment, space and skyrocket the heartbeat to its healthy high. 

Gratitude & Affirmations Journaling

We will not take for granted fresh air.⁠ The next time we get into our cars and leisurely go shopping, we will be filled with gratitude.⁠ We will never again take for granted our wellness.⁠ With the internet available, we are still connected to those loved ones whom we cannot see in person. We cannot show our gratitude enough for those fighting on the front line of this new war against the virus. 

Recreational Reading

When anxious thoughts kick in, it gets harder to open a book. I use this time to read books with shorter chapters or daily affirmations that help create more helpful and calming thoughts. 

Getting Creative

What sparked the most joy and steered away any of my anxious thoughts when they hit was getting creative and making daily illustrations. I drew with markers, crayons, watercolor, and even colored in my daughter’s coloring book. This small additional step to my non-negotiables was extremely helpful.

Mindset Shift

This is a skill to be practiced throughout our lives and it is a skill that holds the key to living a thriving life during a pandemic. Our brain is constantly telling us different stories about the current situation such as death rising, school remaining closed indefinitely, or the lack of healthcare etc.. It is normal to automatically respond with a negative emotion, however, you have the power to make mindset shifts so that will lead your experience to be completely different. 

For example, responding to a “stay at home” order, instead of thinking “I’m stuck at home,” shift the mindset and think instead “perfect, now I have time to get spring cleaning done.” When you flip the script on each negative thought, your entire experience will be changed. 

Holding onto a positive attitude by choice can help you center on things that provide you and your family with the contagious positive vibes you need to make through the day. Trust only information from reliable fact-based sources and limiting the amount of media time can also help you ease anxiety.

And if you’ve read this far, remember that you are awesome, there is always a way and have faith that more blessings are coming your way!