how smile can help you in your office

There are many many techniques to improve your position at your workplace, in the same way, your attitude with others with a smiling face is one. It is a magical exercise that literally heals internal and external wounds. This can go a long way empowered to start a relationship, making your surroundings happier, boost career, and help you get a new job contract and the list goes on and on.

Happy moments are the best part plays important role in enhancing your confidence. Bearing the pain whether broken heart or injury with laughter is the technique with which you can recharge your life to move ahead despite desperate feelings. Below are five very useful techniques of how having a smiling face leads to a successful life and relationships, also decreasing stress and depression.

Smile a Day Maker

It is a scientifically proven fact that smile stimulates happy thoughts, hence making your day better than before. A good smile can help you improve your life even faster than you could ever imagine. Whenever you smile, Serotonin is released. It is a major neurotransmitter that makes your mood and it is responsible for transmitting happy signals to your mind. Serotonin is very useful for the immune system. So, smile more and get more happiness.

Happiness burnout Stress

There is a simple method to test the effectiveness of a smiling face. Whenever you are down and your mode is off, just force your cheeks to widen a bit even though it is difficult at the beginning but with the passage of time you will master this act. This act will give you confidence and will boost your efforts in a great way.

Almost every one of us become stressful in panic situations just like pressure from the boss to submit a project before deadlines. You should face such situations as a challenge with cool moods. Despite getting stressed just focusing on your project will not only make your boss happy but also prevents you from severe depression.

Cute Healthy Heart

If you want to stay away from cardiac diseases which are very common these days, you need to stay happy more often. There is a direct relationship between happiness and heart. So never let the laughter go off your face. Maybe you get discouraged by your facial expressions or gum disease, but as they say, there is no illness that hasn’t treatment in this universe.

A Universal Language

You may not know Portuguese, Russian, or Japanese but there is one language that is universal, and you don’t need to be literate to understand it. That language is a smile. You can travel anywhere in the world and believe your smile to conquer the world because everyone knows when you are smiling, you are in a happy mode.

Makes You Attractive

Smiling faces depicts that you are trustworthy, positive and approachable. Rude behaviour and unhappy faces are directly proportional to the loss of trust and even business. If you want to be attractive and impress the opposite gender, then the happy face is the best tool you can use to prove your magic. You can easily change your office or home fellows attitudes into more encouraging one with kind-heartedness.

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