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Social distancing has allowed me to look inward and connect to myself in a new way I never imagined possible. It has allowed me to change my life for the better!

Personally, I have struggled to find my purpose in the world. I went to college for five years to obtain three degrees (two Undergraduate and one Master’s) which were all focused in accounting and finance. After graduating, I discovered that jobs related to these topics did not provide me with a feeling of purpose. I started exploring a number of different areas of business including supply chain, human resources, and digital marketing.

During this time period, I was also dealing with severe stress and anxiety. I began researching ways to reduce stress and implemented a number of the suggested activities into my life. I read books on how to accomplish your goals and cultivate a life of happiness. Over a 12-month period, I was able to change my life and learn to manage my stress levels. I loved learning how to create a life of happiness and wanted to help others do so as well, but didn’t know how. I told myself I couldn’t make a career out of it because it wasn’t related to my multiple degrees. I believed that no one would hire me to help them because I had zero qualifications. I felt incredibly lost and didn’t know what direction to go next.

When we began social distancing, I made a promise to myself that I would meditate more often, spend time in nature, and perform a self-analysis. I hoped that doing so would give me answers on where to take my life next.

In the middle of my 10-minute meditation, a thought came to my mind. That thought was, “knowledge is meaningless unless you share it with the world.” I knew that I had a variety of knowledge in business, but more importantly I had knowledge AND personal experience in cultivating a “good” life. My next thought in meditation was, “how do I share it?” After one deep breath in and one deep breath out, I heard “write it.”

Immediately after my meditation I took out my laptop and began typing away like a maniac. After finishing my writing, I googled places to get it published. I found Thrive Global. I have published three articles, including this one, and couldn’t be more grateful for this platform. If one person reads my article and takes something away from it, I have fulfilled my purpose. I am sharing my knowledge with the world and hopefully helping others learn and grow. Although this isn’t a career for me, I have found a way to fulfill my purpose outside of my job.

One thought during meditation can guide you in the right direction and change your life.

Try it out sometime.