In today’s era of Social Media and the alarming rate of Mental Illness on the rise, you have to ask yourself, why? What is the connection? What is the difference now, than it was 20 years ago? 

For one, the constant bombardment of ‘Awful’ news stories in our faces daily, is enough to drive the strongest of us into a depression! And unfortunately that’s all people seem to want to share. So where did we as a society go wrong? Why is all we want to do is spread ‘Bad News’? I for one will not get caught up in that! In fact, it is my mission to spread Love and to inspire Positivity!

Second, we are losing our basic human connections ( I am also guilty of this). We spend the majority of our time staring at our screens consuming information and being ‘social’, But we are doing the exact opposite! We are NOT being social, Instead we are isolating ourselves and losing our human connections! Hugs, eye contact, friendships, have all taken to the back burner of our lives. Without you realizing that this can actually affect your mental well-being you are only hurting yourself more. We must put our phones down and force ourselves to be truly ‘social’ again!

Lastly, if you think about it, the last generation didn’t have ‘as many’ mental illnesses as we do now!  Just look at our parents for example, when the majority of us were kids in the late 80’s and early 90′ our parents weren’t up tight or stressed out as we are today. The news was a show that came on once a day for an hour, and mainly showcased the Major things in the world. It was an easier time, people were generally happier and less stressed out. Children would ride their bikes around the neighbor hood and wouldn’t be seen till nightfall. Today however it is completely different. We are a stressed out generation and I can only come up with social media as the reason!

So what can we do to lessen our Stress and Anxieties? For one, we need to STOP spreading bad news and start sharing the good! Be a daily inspiration in peoples lives. Put our phones down for a bit and meet a friend for brunch more often. Read a book, meditate, and always remember to think happy thoughts!