Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have been very helpful in connecting people from various parts of the world. Other than serving as a bridge for relationships separated by distance, social networking sites have been used by companies, entrepreneurs and other corporate entities for several other purposes.

For businesses, social platforms are being used to further reach out to their audiences via marketing. Now, there are also various platforms making its way into the real estate industry, and it has since become a very useful tool in connecting agents, brokers and potential buyers for better opportunities.

One of the main reasons why people mainly turn to social media while scouting properties is that they want to gather as much information. Since it could be the largest transaction they will make in their lifetime, they will pull out all stops in researching about a property and that step begins online.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are already prominent in real estate. Professionals in the field take their businesses into these platforms in a bid to gain more buyers or investors. Opportunities continue to grow as people become more active online. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 85 percent of real estate transactions are initiated online.

The top sites for real estate networking

The next question is what social media platforms are considered as top-tier for agents. Some of these are Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms focus greatly on visuals, and as such, agents are able to fully showcase their properties to millions of users worldwide. People are also most likely to look into these sites for properties for its notoriety as platforms for entrepreneurs.

Another top choice for agents is Facebook. There are already countless pages dedicated to the buying and selling of properties on the largest social networking site. What Facebook brings to the table is its large user base, which translates to more opportunities to grab in Facebook than in any other platform.

LinkedIn has also been dubbed as an underutilized social network for real estate agents. Many see the website as being more suited for people looking for work. However, the platform does have a feature that would allow the creation of real estate groups.

Aside from these websites, there are other platforms solely focused on real estate. If agents are looking to get a hold of countless potential clients, then their best bets are with platforms like the one provided by RESAAS Services Inc. (TSXV:RSS, OTCMKTS:RSASF).

Real estate-centric social networking platform

The Real Estate Social Network is a platform that houses over 400,000 members situated across 90 countries. As the leading platform in real estate social networking, RSS’ platform is the go-to option for real estate professionals. RSS currently offers two solutions, BrokerOS and RealTimeMLS, to help create a network for various purposes.

The platform also houses brokers, franchises and MLSs. These people can help determine or increase the value of a property meaning. Investors who are looking to back properties can use RSS’ platform to scout any area that could bring in high returns at low-risks.

The Real Estate Social Network is already a key player in the industry but its founders understand that there are still rooms for improvement. As a matter of fact, RSS is set to expand its platform’s capabilities later this month by adding blockchain into the mix with the help of Real-Block, Inc.

Once the initial introduction process of blockchain has been dealt with, RSS will, later on, add more features based on its newly acquired technology.

The main goal of RSS is to become what Bloomberg is for the stock market, for the real estate industry. The steps it is taking to make its website faster and more secure will certainly help in its long-term goals.

The role social media is playing in the real estate industry cannot be understated. Now that there are platforms specifically made for connecting agents, brokers and buyers with one another, it’s safe to say that a new age is dawning for the buying and selling of properties. In time, it will be a lot easier and faster to secure the dream homes we’ve always wanted.