Dear Friend,

I remember the moment I met you and thinking to myself she has the life I hope to one day have. You had recently received your MBA, were newly engaged and had returned from a trip where the waters were crystal clear and sand as soft as the inside of your coziest sweatshirt. At least that’s how I imagined it. Since that day, I’ve been in awe of you. At first, as you can tell it was about the material things you had and your experiences but looking back now, I realize it wasn’t those things that captivated me. It was simply you and the type of person you are. You are selfless, caring, intelligent, giving, patient and I could continue to sit here and type away, but there are other things I’d like to tell you.

You’ve helped me learn how to fully show up and put all of me in everything I do…even if that means I must be vulnerable. Before you, I had the highest, most robust wall up to keep people out and at a distance. Since knowing you I’ve allowed myself to let this wall down and be me, something I’ve tried to hide in the past. I’ve been able to do this because you’ve shown me how you treat and engage with those around you and it’s been a nice reminder on how great human connections can be. Now even though it may “drive me crazy”, this wall is only 3 feet high and it has a gate.

I know becoming a part of my journey has not been easy, but I appreciate you for deciding to tag along. I’d like to thank you for listening to me, even though I didn’t always make sense. I’d like to thank you for offering your help even when I didn’t think I needed it and I’d like to thank you for letting me lean on you specifically when I didn’t think I could hold myself up. Fortunately, I can look back now and appreciate all these moments. As I’ve realized there were numerous lessons I needed to learn. You continue to inspire me to be better, do better and fight for what I believe in, by you striving to be your best self. I love you and thank you for being a glimpse of light in this terrifying, mysterious, wonderful world.