Sunil Kumar’s popularity has reached all four corners. Everyone who is involved with the real estate industry might be familiar with this name. Some find him as the source of inspiration and want to know how this professional accounting master’s degree holder achieved new heights of success in the real estate industry. If you want to follow his path, you might be thinking that Sunil Kumar had this dream from his childhood and the accounting degree only worked as a stepping stone. 

But the reality is different. This simple entrepreneur did not cherish this dream before joining the master’s degree course. If you are inspired by Sunil Kumar’s life and want to know how he scaled his real estate agency to eight locations, you can go through this article to know more about his journey and achievements.

Reliance Real Estate: The Dream of Sunil Kumar

Like any other student, Sunil Kumar joined a master’s degree program in professional accounting in 2004. During this very period, he might not have thought of doing something in the real estate industry. His focus was on the study and he did some sales jobs to meet his daily ends. But his door-to-door sales job influenced his life significantly. He wanted to relate with people and serve them. In 2007, he cherished the dream to enter the real estate industry. When he entered the industry and observed it from close quarters, he realized that the industry had many gaps and needed some improvements to serve people in a better more efficient way. The desire of serving people and being able to help them with the best possible solution made him establish today’s most popular real estate company.

From a Small Office to Eight Locations

From Sunil Kumar’s journey, it is evident that we all can follow and fulfill our dreams. We have a dream or desire that means we have the ability to fulfill it. Sunil Kumar believed this thought and tried hard and worked with honesty to fulfill his dream and to become the first choice for any real estate solution for the people of Australia and New Zealand. 

Building a company from scratch and making from $1 million to $16 million in 3 years is not an easy task for anyone. However, Sunil Kumar made it possible.

Sunil Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Reliance Real Estate. He established his company in a small office in Melbourne West in 2011. Currently, he has offices in eight locations in Melbourne West. He achieved all the successes with strong determination, hard work, and honesty. His contribution to the real estate industry is highly appreciated by some prestigious awards. 

His company has been awarded as the fastest-growing real estate company in Australia and New Zealand for three consecutive years. Also, he has been awarded as Australia’s “Principal of the Year” for two years consecutively. Sunil Kumar has taken some steps to strengthen the business relationship between India and Australia as well. He believes Australia and India should have a strong and helpful relationship so they both can grow and learn.