We made it to 2020! This is truly such a landmark year for me. Not only am I ushering in a new decade, but I’m turning the page of a new chapter as I see all four of my kids leave the nest and head to college. With so many life changes this year, I’m truly taking the time to set myself up for an organized, productive and life-changing 2020.

When I designed the 2019-2020 version of the LifePlannerâ„¢, I was very much aware of the importance of 2020. I was inspired by the concept of 20/20 vision and discovering what my own vision for the year 2020 was, which was how the concept of the Kaleidoscope design was born.

While I’m literally entering a new decade as I just turned 50 in December, we’re ALL ushering in a new decade. I view 2020 as a blank slate and a fresh start. Anything is possible, and it’s not too late to solidify what your intentions, goals and ambitions are for this year.

I’ve come up with what I’ve been calling “my game plan” for 2020 and what I think is a great way to jumpstart planning for those new to the organization game. Take 20 in 20. Take 20 minutes in 2020 to focus on organization, goal-setting and planning. Whether that’s 20 minutes before bed each night to get organized for the next day’s schedule, or 20 minutes on Sunday nights to put together your family calendar, I encourage you to commit to 20 minutes, however you can!

While the LifePlannerâ„¢ is my go-to system for time-management, I encourage you to develop the organization tool that works best for you! Whether that’s a Wall Organization System or petite and portable planning system, focus on YOUR vision for 2020 and commit yourself to turning plans into reality. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous about all that’s to come this year, but I’m SO excited to embrace the challenges, changes and crystallize my vision to make it the most remarkable year yet!

Let’s do this!