It is essential to take breaks during a workday. Studies have shown, you are more productive when you take breaks throughout the day to reduce the likelihood of decision fatigue. Research has shown,  taking breaks helps you stay focused and breaks the cycle of stress and exhaustion. Here are some great ways to take constant breaks during the day. 

Designate a space: 

It’s nice to walk over to a place absent of stress and distressful energy. It can be a safe, quiet zone preferably without electronics. We become more mindful when we are not distracted with electronics. Looking outside the window and observing are great ways to ground ourselves and provide introspection to rid ourselves of stress.

Visit the breakroom:

Walking down the hall and having a conversation may be the perfect outlet to blow off some steam. Exchanging a few jokes, hearing someone share their story can be a great way to gain personal perspective and get you back on track and ready to work again. 

Go for a walk & Get fresh air:

Going on a 10 minute walk and getting some fresh air are a great way to get the blood flowing and oxygen running in your lungs. Being outdoors, whether in the city or neighborhood setting, both serve as a benefit because you are on your feet and moving. It has its health benefits of reaping a light workout and getting some Vitamin D. 

Have a Healthy Snack and Drink Water:

Oftentimes, the day passes by and we forget to stay hydrated and fuel our bodies with healthy snacks. Taking a break, serves as a reminder to drink water and eating a healthy snack. Such nutrients serve to provide good productive outcomes. 

Take a Nap:

Perhaps all you need is a quick power nap. Taking a power nap has great benefits. Research has shown taking a 10-30 mins power nap helps with mood, alertness and concentration.  Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and energetic to carry on your day.