No, one can escape the use of technology in our daily life. Over the years, technology has revolutionized our view of the world. In this modernized world, we might not experience the massive change because technology is gradually changing our life. Also, we must accept it that modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many functional and utility devices, which made our experience and work much more comfortable.

Technology has created some fantastic tools right from the how to modern computer to Smartphone or the Smartwatch for your health etc. Do you know technique is always changing day by day? So, let’s explore how technology really helps our daily lives.

Use of Technology in Education

As the education is with an exception, technology has also gradually integrated into the global education system. It has introduced the better ways of passing knowledge and information to the student Do you know because of technology, it made simple that student can learn sitting at any place in the world (online courses)? The innovative educational technology might represent an entirely new way of teaching, or to teach the better way to use of the existing technology.

  • The technology advancement in teaching and assessment have made possible for the learning institution to be more effective.
  • Technology has made avail for the students with huge amounts of information through internet which enables to empower you with a lot of unknown knowledge.
  • Online education is so user- friendly that you can get information about anything and anywhere in the world.
  • Examples –
  • The Educational apps – The educational apps is the second most downloaded categories. This will help your children to learn as well excel their skills easily.
  • Electronic Worksheet – Technology also made the learning process easy for the students who have learning disabilities like dyslexia can use an electronic worksheet to complete their assignments.

Use of Technology in Communication

Yes, that’s right technology has changed how we communicate and this is the area where it has made the biggest impact. Today technology has made the communication easier. The advancement in the communication tools has helped to eliminate the time and distance as the obstacles.

  • Technology has made the business meeting much simpler by introducing video conference.
  • Even now you can draft your business message through emails and fax instantly.
  • Due to technology you can communicate so easily sitting anywhere and any place in the world.

Examples –

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Skype etc are the great ways of modern communication connects people so instantly.
  • Computer Tablets, Smartphone’s to communicate easily across different platforms.

Use of technology in Business and Commerce

Because of the technology people no longer have to do the business at the marketplace and other physical locations. In today’s world, you can do and as well as purchase almost anything through online marketing. Even nowadays, people prefer online products and services. So because of the demand of the online marketing, the e-commerce is evolving day by day.

  • Purchasing

Technology has made the buying and selling of goods and services so flexible and a lot safer. Let’s take an example –

Real estate – In real estate industry sellers are always struggling with “how to sell my house”. Even the buyers too where to find a good home with a better location. But now this process has become much more easily n all thanks to technology innovation. Through virtual reality tour, buyers can take a tour of their future home without leaving the comfort of your present home.

And also with the help of the internet, you can search for a lot many real estate websites that offer all the categories like the house for sale or buy in a different location.

The effective Changed in Health industry

Technology is the vital reason for the huge improvement in health industries. Moreover, the increasing number of people is using the internet to diagnose them by looking for advice from people who have gone through the same symptoms.

  • Modern hospitals are equipped with the latest tech and gadgets which help the health and wellness sector to better take care of and assist their patients.
  • Because of technology they have helped many people to keep alive through life support machines and other specialized health equipment.
  • Technology also helped in the invention of new treatments and medicine for certain medical problems.

Do you know technology is affecting our lives as well? The technology is becoming addictive for our daily life.

  • Lack of social Skills – The social networking has caused us to meet fewer people face to face which results in absence of social skills. We lose the ability to learn social cues and body language in other individuals.
  • Obesity – Because of technology, people are spending more times on the web, watching YouTube, playing games etc. Due to this people give very few amounts of time in exercise or any physical workout.
  • Depression – Technology also caused depression as due to it we spend very little time with humans and physical work out. The only way to heal the depression is by living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Neck and head Pain – The continuously looking at the device can cause neck pain which will result in the neck to forfeit. The eyestrain can be caused headache, blurred vision and may be migraines.

The Conclusion –

Technology has changed our lives, increasing the speed of time. We the humans only invented the technology to make the best used in our lives. But yes this technology has disadvantages too in human life. However, it depends on person to person how they plan to utilize technology products, services, application in the best possible way.