As children, we have a natural ability to fantasize. I recall imagining buttons on my desk that when pressed, would see me instantly dressed and showered. Days would be filled with many joyful ideas that filled me and my playmates as they too invented realities. As a psychologist, spiritual mentor and motivational speaker, I consider myself to be a voice or promoter for individual and collective wellbeing and contentment. My work is about cultivating an awareness of the deeper reasons for unhappiness, especially for the often high-performing people who can live in unseen despair. If this discontent is not addressed, then stress and other preventable dis-eases can occur. One of the key reasons for rising levels of dissatisfaction, even pre-covid, is that somewhere along the line we have stopped trying to imagine what is possible in our lives. We have become caught up in a mundane cycle of doing in a culture largely driven by financial indicators of success. And yes, at some point somebody, even someone very close to you, could have communicated, consciously or unconsciously, “stop day-dreaming” or “be realistic” and the early seeds of seeking what is known rather than what is possible are routinely planted. 

From a psycho-spiritual perspective, I see how many people are focused on the lower chakra driven needs for security. For example, there is a common belief that when we have money then everything else will fall into place, relationships, success, comforts and luxuries will follow. In truth, it’s the other way around. When we learn what it is we need to focus on as our foundation, all else naturally takes shape. In a state of what I consider to be true prosperity and fulfilment, security and money are not the primary focus but are naturally taken care of as a result of a higher level of inquiry. When we experience stress or unhappiness on the more well-trodden path in a material society we can be quick to blame unreal causes. For instance, long working hours, increased pressure and competition in the marketplace, a feeling that we need to always be on the move and keeping up, or that things are not working out because we are lacking somebody or something. Put all these superficial excuses aside, what we are talking about essentially is a crisis of spirit. 

Many times I meet people who are actually, without realising, chasing after somebody else’s dreams. It’s like building castles in the sand. Alternatively, there are some who work diligently but feel oppressed by other people’s glass ceilings and what others believe is probable or not. When you stop following your unique path or purpose, then you will meet barriers and may carry a feeling of never being able to win. Life unfolds as a result of our own beliefs and when we doubt something is possible, it does indeed become impossible. We stop trying and part of our soul is suppressed and despite outward success we can feel a sense of aching loss or emptiness.  

The art of fantasy and conscious imagination can provide a precious roadmap to our own expressions of success and true happiness. In the poet Rumi’s profound words “what you are seeking is seeking you”. So much can be solved by understanding the blueprint or destiny that is unique to each of us. It’s not always easy to see or know our own truth, especially when it goes against the dominant thinking. This is where we can engage tools beyond the conscious mind and also beyond collective consciousness. Fantasy is an art-form which requires us to inquire deeply and connect with our heart wisdom. It’s about finding the courage to believe what we want to imagine can be a reality. We need to move beyond the limits that tell us there are better ways to use our time than day-dreaming. Some of my work is to guide people to understand the what, where and why of their dreams for a fulfilled life. My belief, from years of experience with people from all walks of life, is that when a fantasy really comes from the heart, and when you use your imagination in a meditative space, one can clear away the unhelpful parts of the ego and tap into the intricate web of true intentions, visions and independence. In order to really cultivate the art of fantasy, we have to acknowledge there is density from our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories and some of these may no longer serve us. Through an expansive space which is experienced through deep meditation, I see my clients finding the courage to reclaim childlike innocence and in fantasy create a reality that is meaningful, even magical. Going back to my childhood play and how I liked to imagine mundane chores being instantly achieved, I can see how this simple fantasy was symbolic. It was showing me a real desire to have more time to be creative and that when we focus our energy on deeper truths the details are taken care of.

Hema brings a toolkit of concepts, philosophies and practices to bring one’s highest visions to life. With the Art of Fantasy method, she allows people to align their heart and mind as well as balancing heart and earth energy. She can quickly differentiate between true and ego-based desires and identify the type of daydreaming or fantasy that will help you transform your life and create prosperity. Inspired by the words of Earth Wind and Fire,

“Every man has a place 

In his heart there’s a space 

And the world can’t erase his fantasies… 

Come to see victory 

In a land called fantasy 

Loving life to a new degree 

Bring your mind to everlasting liberty 

[where] All your dreams will come true right away”