Finding one’s true calling in life isn’t always easy. I for instance started my journey at UCLA, studying to become a history major. With my lack of passion quickly dwindling class after class, I found myself at a dead end. It was then that I sought out a life coach to help bring direction on what seemed to be a very unfulfilling path to my future. With her guidance, I took time off to do some major self searching. In between traveling and researching online, I came across an orientation held at West Coast Ultrasound Institute where I got to witness a pregnant patient in real time going through an ultrasound procedure. Right then and there, I came to realize what my true purpose and passion was, helping and healing people -ironically like many of my family members, venturing their professions around health and wellness.

Making it my personal mission to become an ultrasound technician, I attended and graduated from West Coast Ultrasound Institute, pursuing my career path in helping service and educate women on breast cancer treatment and awareness.

Entering into the industry of ultrasound technology five years ago, I was astounded when I found that today’s traditional mammograms were missing more than half of breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue and implants, attributing to 70% of women in the United States. I found that mammograms were not only inefficient in detecting cancer growth, but exposed harmful radiation to women in their childbearing years. As an ultrasound technician, it has been my mission to seek new, safe and more efficient technological tools that could eliminate the epidemic of what is the current leading cause of death amongst women between 34-55 years of age.

As I started my career and growing practice over the next five years, I came across a life changing imaging tool called SonoBreasts. This technology was the latest in ultrasound breast cancer 3D imaging, detecting even the smallest tumors hidden in dense breast tissue that were missed by today’s frequently used mammogram and conventional ultrasound screening machines. Now that I use this new imaging device in my practice, I can now detect cancer as small as 3 mm in its earliest stages, eliminating unnecessary and aggressive treatments down the road.

With all of the advances in technology, women of the 21st century deserve to be treated with an equally smart and innovative solution to end the epidemic of undetected breast cancers at their earliest stages.

I am now proud to say that I can now truly be a part of empowering women to perform and feel at their best. I’m very fortunate to have come across this 3D imaging technology, as it has not only changed my life but also hundreds of women now leaving my practice with “true HappyGrams”. Being in the forefront of ultrasound technology, in the near term, my goal is to expand my practice across the nation, providing thousands of women access and ‘know-how’ to this life saving system.