In less than a year, the coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we know it, work included. Amid stay-at-home orders, remote work, and the struggling economy businesses are all working towards finding a happy medium that promotes productivity and keeps them running. While change can be stressful, there are several positive changes occurring in most businesses that seem to be here to stay. 

Flexible Work Schedules & Environments

Since working from home is our new normal, it may be time to say goodbye to the office. Most employers are becoming more lenient about the hours worked due to the added pressures and distractions of working from home. Many employers are also emphasizing the need for a more established work-life balance to keep their employees from burning out. The new emphasis on the well-being of employees and the acknowledgment of the importance of life outside of work is bringing about more positive work environments. 

More Virtual Collaboration

It’s nearly impossible to collaborate with coworkers in person these days. Technology, such as team chats and Zoom conferences, allow instantaneous communication with a seemingly unlimited number of people. It’s easier than ever to hop on a call with an entire team to brainstorm in real time and all of the creative tools needed available at your fingertips. 

Transformed Work Spaces

Many businesses are experimenting with their work environments. Office spaces cannot operate the way they were intended for the foreseeable future, so some businesses are changing their spaces permanently. These new work environments are intended for social use and as an escape from work for employees. It’s a very different way of doing business, but many employees are reporting feeling less anxious, increased productivity, and better connections with their team. 

Appearance of On-the-Job Medical Screenings

To stay open and operating at peak capacity, many businesses are requiring anyone who enters their building to undergo simple medical screenings, such as a temperature check and a questionnaire of whether they’ve experienced any symptoms. These efforts help to keep sick employees or contractors at home to reduce the spread of any disease, not just the coronavirus.