If you’re like most evolutionary entrepreneurs, there’s one big thing standing between you and the ultimate success of your business. Ok, there might be more than one but this one is a real big one that I’ve seen every single one of my clients struggle with.

No exceptions.

Want to know what it is?


Entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of trying to build a business in a world where there are countless distractions offline… and especially online — and I’m guessing that includes you.

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For example, how often do you get hit with ads or email launch campaigns trying to sell you a new tool or tactic. Probably every day… multiple times. Right?

And then what happens?

You end up getting stuck in so much detail, not knowing which way to go or which one to choose that you end up getting distracted and losing focus on your original plan of action.


Maybe you’re like Annie, one of my clients who felt confused and anxious not because she wasn’t able to focus, but rather because she wasn’t focused on the the right business building activities.

And by not focusing on the appropriate business activities her business was failing to get the traction she hoped for.

Without the ability to focus or without focus on the right activities achieving your business growth potential (and impact potential) becomes little more than a dream… a fantasy.

There’s one very powerful question you can ask yourself that will keep you focused on the activities that will enable you to steadily grow your business:

“What’s the one thing I need to do today to move me closer to building a sustainable and thriving business?”

Once you answer that question, commit to doing that one thing…. Today.

All that being said, here’s a video excerpt from one of my programs, the Evolutionary Business Accelerator, where I shared my story of how I used focus to complete an Ironman Triathlon where virtually everything that could go wrong, did. In the telling of the story, I bring it back to you… the evolutionary entrepreneur and why the ‘focus’ needs to become the most used F-word in your business.

Originally published at medium.com