We all know that a break from the monotonous daily working life is always beneficial for both body and mind. The best way to relax physically and mentally is to travel to any nearby or faraway place for a few days. However, many of us do not know that traveling can also boost the creative power of a person.

Rejuvenate the tired brain – Hectic schedules of daily work can make a person mentally tired, which makes him feel physical fatigue as well.  So a break from your monotonous routine is a great way of refreshing your mind. The tired nerves of the brain feel energetic again among serene and peaceful scenery, away from all the troubles of your normal life. Once you change the scenery, your mood changes as well!

New ideas come up easily – The monotony of daily life can stop the growth of natural creativity, which can be encouraged again by traveling elsewhere. The new place, new people around you and the new type of lifestyle there may rouse your talent and render fresh creative ideas. The sense organs also become more alert to send signals of new ideas to your brain, on receiving new views, sounds and smell at that place where you travel.

Rest provides fresh energy – When you spend time simply doing nothing, you will find a huge increase in your physical energy. Thus, a peaceful vacation to another land can help you work more vigorously when you are back to work. The adequate physical rest without any worry can rejuvenate the tired body muscles and the fresh air renders more energy to the body cells. Many ailments, like high blood pressure and high blood sugar, can be controlled by traveling frequently.

Excitement makes you mentally stronger – The excitement of traveling to a new place can make you mentally more capable of dealing with all problems when you rejoin your regular job. Moreover, the excitement of participating in adventurous activities during the vacation can strengthen your willpower and may motivate you for doing more creative works. A well-spent vacation will help you to face all types of personal and professional challenges after you restart your daily routine back home.

Thus, people of all ages are advised by physicians to travel periodically, by taking a break from the normal busy life. Now the question is where should I travel? Thought my travels under the paulsholiday influencer umbrella I have seen so many wonderful places that caught my attention. My top destination for boosting creativity and escaping the quotidian is south-east Asia. I found these specific places to be the most exciting places to discover. Places like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hanoi, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City will definitely change your mood, twist some knobs in the creative process of your brain and offer you that piece of mind that you need. And some of you might ask: “why do I even need to travel? Isn’t that just some fancy excuse to escape work, take the path of least resilience and make excuses?” I am not going to shoot back with scientific facts that I just mentioned above but most of the times the solutions come after you look at the problem from a different angle. This only reminds me of the great Timothy Ferris (who also inspired me to start my channel @paulsholiday), who escaped from his stressful but successful business and managed to reduce his input by also increasing revenues. This all coming from a simple trip to Europe, where he rethought the entire flow and customer care approach of his company! Sometimes the solutions to our stressful life and our problems come in simple forms that we never imagined.

Give traveling a try, you won’t regret!