Just realized that you cannot own people.


Bear with me, and on the way, we will find the hole in the present structure of sociology.

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If you would look closely you will find that all the institutions as civility, religions, or moral-stigmas, have been made to own people.

For example :

The election charade,

The marriage,

The birth of a child,

Enrollment in an education system,

Joining a cult,

Joining a political party,

Military encroachments,

Domestic violence,

Media trials,

cast and class divide,

Associating yourself with identities(national, religious, diets, interests), and so on.

WITHOUT giving much thought to their long-term impact, we have designed, implemented, and have lived-survived with these systems to own people, put them to better use as parts of the machine, without much consideration to their emotional well being.

You cannot own people, no matter what!

I’m not debating that these systems do not work!

I’m putting to notice that the system is broken!

We are frustrated!

All we want is some way to enter the system and die!

Ask anyone, and all their stories will be how hard they are trying to live up the dead-systems.

  1. We put two people in an institution of marriage, with pre-designed stigmas. And almost all divorces are because people cannot survive the image or expectations of this institution.

Women cannot survive the spitting image of 24×7 caregiver. Men cannot survive machoism.

And god forbid if we put the relationship and anger-management classes in schools and colleges.

To top that we created stigmas around pre-marriage sex, marital rape, domestic violence, filling dowry cases, being without child, being divorced, and so on.

Because the aim was to divide society in small-but-self-engaged-units, which could not care less to mind or object the governance or policy-making.

2. Then we don’t train people to be better parents ( or teach them to create a life flourishing system) and they keep surpassing their frustrations to their kids. Countless people just cannot train their mental compasses to be better, because they have been trained to execute and re-live self-sabotaging life pattern again and again.

But, the little life will never have the idea, what just has happened with her.

We are not only re-producing people, we are re-producing the lives.

And this is owning people by encroaching on their vulnerability and helplessness!

3. Then, we run elections for 100 days. We invest millions of money in diluting and concentrating on people’s political ideologies. But, we have deliberately thrown out the process of training people to co-participate in the governance.

And as a result, we have failed governments all around the world.

Today the governments are paralyzed to governance. And the citizenry is divided into either guarding their belief in the government or criticizing its action.

But nothing is moving forward, we are just setting short-sighted examples of what power and wealth can do for you!

And this owning person by overpowering them with manipulation and selling propaganda!

4. And when religion was supposed to give the peace, all we have in our hearts is hatred. Sheer hatred for each other. We don’t know anymore what is right or what is wrong. We just have the sheer need to be right or to be something. We are more suicidal and shallow than ever.

People are just living their lives with a single aim to survive or running away from a religious idea. The greed of heaven and the fear of hell is for machines.

But, religions have filled people with too much self-criticism, self-hatred, shallow pride, guilt, hatred towards others.

People have constructed thick walls around them with all the hatred and the idea of being sinful.

And this is owning a person be infusing fear of the unknown and detaching them with reality!

5. The employment, economic class-caste difference over owning of dead things is altogether an absurd but very effective idea.

First, you train people that we all have to aim for the accumulation of riches. Then you create stigmas around momentary failures as job security, education, and risk of doing business.

You own people by feasting on their insecurities.

Now, you must be wondering this is completely off the topic!

I was supposed to tell you why we cannot own people.

Well, an insecure, manipulated, afraid, engaged in self-hatred, self-pity, ignorance is no human. That’s just an animal responding to the emotional chaos.

The moment you will have an aware-fully responsible human around you, you will be called out, you will face the consequences, he/she will thrive irrespective of your stigmas.

Because, they know that they are no less, no matter what you are selling.

So, we have accomplished a system of fear, insecurities, manipulation, and shaming!

And it’s no doubt that depression is going to be next pandemic.

Because in our heads we think that we are succeeding, but we are breaking people.

We are pushing each other, to manipulate, to steal, to be insecure, to be aggressive, to be afraid, to be greedy.

Stop using emotional triggers to exploit people. That will bite your ass big time.

Today 264 million people are depressed, the number is increasing and increasing.


And soon it will be pandemic.

And the only way out is being human, being a better human.

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