They are often close to the house, but you can of course also place them in other places in your garden. Yet it is important is to stick to the wind directions. Each wind direction has an element. These elements have to be watched, if you want to flow a lot of good that matches that wind direction. Before we discuss this, I first give you some useful tips for the garden furniture.


Do not use plastic material in the garden and limit the use of too much metal. Energetically, these are fairly unfavorable materials. rattan garden tables and chairs always prefer natural materials such as wood and stone. For example, you can purchase a nice wooden bench or a brick or table


If you want a cozy seat, it is best to place a parasol at your table and chairs, which also offers protection against the sun and rain and also serves as a symbol for protection and shelter. You can also opt for a shelter at the house or a sun tent.

A seating arrangement may not be situated on a hill. This gives you an unpleasant feeling, because it is not part of a larger whole in your garden.


The position of your seating is also important to remember. You will benefit from a lot of sun on the South side and in the Southwest you will still get some sun later in the day. This is useful if, for example, you are working and want to enjoy at the end of the day. If you prefer sun at breakfast, you can create a seating area in the Southeast. Also do not forget that you have shady spots in your garden to relax. Especially with a very hot summer day this is certainly important. A garden should always have a beautiful look.


Do not put a bench in an open area. A rotting bank is completely out of the question. Then buy a new one. Try to always take good care of wooden furniture with wax or teak oil. For metal furniture, you should take into account that you do not place them too close to trees and shrubs, because according to the destructive cycle Metal destroys the element Wood and that happens too. Always dispose of damaged pots and repair furniture that is broken. In rattan garden tables and chairs 11 piece brown outdoor dining set. The above all points are the most important that you should keep.. The above all points are the most important that you should keep.

Below you will find an overview of the types of garden furniture and where they should be placed in your garden according to the wind directions.

In the North you can best place metal garden furniture and decorations, because Metal promotes the element Water of the North. The most unfavorable choice of materials is the placement of stones, granite or brick elements, because Earth disrupts the element Water.

In the Northeast and Southwest it is very good to place stones, granite or brick furniture and decorations, because these materials represent the element Earth that belongs to these wind directions. You can also paint your garden furniture in red. This ensures the promotion of the element Earth by the element Fire. Wooden elements and the color green are very bad here, because Wood destroys the element Earth.

In the East and Southeast you can best place wooden furniture and decorations. To stimulate these directions even more, you can opt for blue or black cushions. These colors belong to the element Water and Water thus promotes the element Wood. Do not use metal and the colors white, gray, gold and silver in this corner, since Metal destroys the element Wood.

In the South, wood is a good material to use, because Wood stimulates the element Fire. Also think of wooden decorations, such as flower boxes and fences. Do not place any water elements here because Water extinguishes the element Fire. This also means that black and blue colors should not be used here.

In the West and Northwest you can choose the elements Metal and Earth that promotes Metal. This means that you can place metal, stones, granite and brick furniture here. The color white is also ideal here. However, do not use red colors in these wind directions, since Fire destroys the element Metal, so destroys it.